Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mongkok Dimsum

I was craving dimsum a couple of weeks back and I asked bf to bring me to Swee Choon Dim Sum restaurant for lunch. He introduced me to that place a long time back before we even started dating. At that time I didn't want to scare him off by taking photos of everything as I usually would, so I didn't get to blog about it back then. But Swee Choon Dim Sum was so good that I was totally won over (by the dim sum, not him. hahaha).

I'm so glad that me and him are an item now and ever since we started dating he already saw my true colors (taking photos of anything and everything) so I can blog about this for you all! Just that day I was snapping continuous photos of myself while he was driving and then I suddenly turned to ask him if he is irritated by all that snapping. Lol. He didn't answer so I take it that he's not irritated and I can continue snapping. And so I did. Hahaha.

Anyway the photos in this entry are all taken by him so actually all that talk about me taking photos is not relevant now. I love the photos he took for this entry! ^_^ I also love that I can now begin tucking into food immediately while he does all the photographing work. Hehe.

So anyway, Swee Choon was only available in the evening so he did some online searching and we decided to try out Mongkok Dimsum, which was open even for lunch.

Good choice!

First dish that came was this plate of pretty egg tarts. Off to a good start! I usually only like those Portuguese type which has burnt sugar on top but this one is VERY nice! The layered crust was crispy unlike the usual ones from outside and I liked it alot, but the real winner was the smooth and tasty custard. I totally want some of these egg tarts right now.

The cheese mantou was not like what we expected (we thought it was fried, kinda surprised that it was steamed instead) but not too bad too. The plain mantou was quite chewy and tastes quite good with the light melted cheese on top. Don't mind having this again.

One of the best dish was the 3-yolk and crab congee! It consists of salted egg, normal egg, and century egg. And real crab meat. Comes in a claypot so my bf scooped some for me and him into two bowls, one for him and one for me. He was exclaiming that they were very generous with the crab meat but I was like "got meh, I only got 1-2 piece in my bowl...." Turns out his bowl had all the crab meat! Lucky him! But saddening for me :( I love crab meat!

Har Gow is a must-order for me at all dimsum places. The prawn here was good and fresh!

The Shredded Mango with Shrimp was okay but didn't fare as well as our expectations...

Prawn paste chicken wings! My fave anytime, anywhere. Haha.

The siewmai was impressive! Chewy with fresh ingredients and not too floury. Thumbs up!

Bf likes fried carrot cake so I let him order lor.... I think it was okay only. Tastes like all other fried carrot cake elsewhere in my opinion. He also insisted on ordering the paper wrapped curry chicken... bad choice. Tastes like Hei-bi-hiam. If you know what that is. So I think... next time leave the ordering to me! I got better taste! Hahaha.

He chose three colored milk tea which has a weird sweet taste. See what I say about him having lousy ordering taste? Hahaha. I had the milk tea which was okay lah, better than his drink at least!

Would love to come back here again!!

Mongkok Dim Sum
214 Geylang Lorong 8
Singapore 389274

Tel: (65) 6841 5133

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1600 - 0500 hours
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 0500 hours

Dress from MissQueenie.


  1. Dear! How much was the bill for both of you? :)

    1. I forgot! But we ordered quite alot. It's quite cheap, around $3+ per item.

  2. Good review. Surely under rated Mongkok Dim Sum. I love the "3 colored milk tea". The 'syrup' at the bottom is Gula Melaka. It gives a unique oomph on top of being sweet. Very inventive I must say. Great pictures.