Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Medan Town

My boyfriend suggested to visit Medan Town after seeing good reviews about it online. To be honest, I did not even know about a place called "Medan" in Indonesia until earlier this year due to work. Anyway, I was excited to try out the food! It's an eatery located along Tanjong Katong Road.

Heard that a Medanese couple set up this place for Indonesians living in Singapore who miss the food back at home. Therefore, I'm guessing the food here is authentic enough.

Some old Medan photos on the wall...

For my main,  I had the Soto Medan. It is actually chicken broth with coconut milk. In my opinion, it tastes like a mix of Mee Soto and Laksa without the spicy kick.

He tried the signature duck kway teow. It was indeed quite nice!

We also ordered other sides and desserts. Bf went crazy ordering. Usually is I want to eat this eat that, first time see him order almost half the whole menu!

The fried carrot cake was so oily that when you bite into it, it's very squishy and you only taste the oil. The only nice thing about it was that it was served hot. We seldom get to eat piping hot carrot cake in Singapore!

He had the original medan orange drink but I think it tasted a little off. I had the very safe choice of barley. We also ate the Potato Sambal Balado which was sweet and spicy. The spiciness is the type that doesn't appear at first but lingers on your tongue after you swallow. It was really quite spicy. Rendang chicken was quite okay.

Also had chicken wings. Forgot what I thought about it already.

He wanted to try out the desserts as well, so we got these:

Klepon, traditional boiled rice cakes. It looks like the ones sold at Bengawan Solo right? Haha. It was very sweet!

Es Campur Medan - I feel that this tastes exactly like chendol, except with addition of ice kachang ingredients. It becomes too sweet after awhile.

Overall the food was very cheap! We ordered so much and it was only $30+... I think the average amount spent per person should be less than $10.