Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thursday went to Friday and asked whether Saturday has told Sunday that this Monday is new year.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF 2006!! wooooh. alright. i shall post some updates before i rush out for 2007's Countdown.

Being stucked inside the office for a large percentage of time everyday, i almost losted touch with the real world already. i dont even know what is the funniest advertisement on tv now. haha. my job is getting more and more boring. hmmm. i guess im gonna quit soon. really cannot tahan this job already. haha. my motivations everyday at work is just looking forward to Lunchbreak, Dinnertime, and AfterWork. i seriously dont know how all the seniors could stand this No-Life job for so many years. hahaha.

well, i saw this wierd woman while buying lunch one day. she is short, fat, have very plump legs, super flabby hands, and her most outstanding features is her boobs. The size is about 3/4 of her whole body! somemore firm firm one. lol. she wored a low cut top, and the moment i saw her, the first sentence that appeared in my head was:
"she went for breast enhancement".

it's almost like Z-cup size lor! haha. after we went out of the shop, my senior told me that this woman works in the massage-shop next door. however, her massage job is got 'extra-service' that kind. heees. this shows that it doesnt matter if you are fat and ugly. as long as you have bigboobs, there would always be a long queue of ah-peks wanting you.

this is a rough figure of that woman. (dont laugh at my drawing quality la! haha. i dont draw well using computer mah.)

Anyway, i think im going to change that photo up there at the top of this blog to this new one. any comments? here's some other camwhore-results.

blahblahblah. bear with the self-obssessing please. i wouldnt be able to camwhore as much nextime liao, because my handphone is reaching it's death soon. it's already half-dead!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

i sincerely wanted to blog.

but.. blogger is abit messed-up and i cannot upload any photos or even edit the colours and size of the words. grr! nevermind. i promise you guys i'll blog a longgggg post as soon as i have the time!!

anyway, im not free this week to answer comments, but i'll reply by next Sunday.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Alright, here's something fun.

Take the name of the last song you heard, and add two words "during sex" behind it. lets see how funny things can get!

if the last song you heard was "unfaithful" by rihanna, your sentence would be:
Unfaithful during Sex.

if the last song you heard was "stars are blind" by Paris, your sentence would be:
Stars are blind during Sex.

disclaimer: this is purely Just For Fun.
:) use the comment box below.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

very funny. especially the tornado part.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some Updates of Not-Very-Christmassy
Christmas Photos!

This year christmas celebrated with my boy :)
Just some photos here. haha. i always look wierd when i take photos with him. grrrr. Had loads of fun although i missed the playing of 'snow' at Tanglin Mall when i was a kid.

Orchard Road. I walk along that lane, EVERYDAY. the pretty lights dont look special to me anymore. haha.And this was a random photo i took outside my office building.

Alright, in summary this Christmas:
- i ate half a piece of Christmas Icecream Log Cake
- i exchanged and received presents.

- Fio & hk came to my house and disturbed my peace. lol.
- Santa Claus did not drop into my chimney :(
- i did not take any photo of any SnowMan

Oh well, i shall celebrate countdown to New Year though. haha.

Goodnites! as usual, im sleeeeepy!

Monday, December 25, 2006

That's a simple image i created using photoshop and some brushes. Have a Nice Christmas and May all your wishes come true!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Look at how obvious my eyebags are :(
im suffering from headache, sleepiness, flu, and sorethroat. what a 'great' present Santa Claus gave me.. haha. well, i had actually wanted to blog yesterday because i ended work earlier than usual, but the computer was too lag and i gave up. One of the adult colleague was having a wedding that night, and so the other adult colleagues were actually too engaged in the partymood to work. For almost half the afternoon, they were trying make-up, taking photos, asking if their hair is nice, and applying nail-polish on each other's fingernails. They sounded like students going for prom night. haha. it's a chance to be lazy, so we student-staffs also mingled with them and in the end almost everyone in the office wasn't working. hahaha. by 4pm, the adults decided to end work. yay! 5 hours earlier than the official end work time! =D

Of course i didn't went home immediately. Me and some friends went to shop around orchard road for christmas presents, and i donated for charity. not once, but twice! haha. im a kind soul. wahahaha. And for the people asking for a photo of my office, here's one! My office table :)
Err. this photo of my Cavana lunch many many days ago didn't seems very revelant to this post? nevermind la. haha. Nice! but i dont like the rice. too much already.
Oh ya, on the first day of work, i found this note attached to a $2 note in my wallet. My sister la. I think santa claus should send her big pack of Sweets for this christmas.

It has been long since i camwhored though. too sleepy everyday. haha. here's one photo without spects:
and one with spects.
Everyone has been asking me to wear contact lenses nowsaday. Cannot la! i think it's frightening to put something into your eyeball, and i think it's even more frightening to take something off your eyeball every night. ewww. i rather not live with the stress of wearing and taking contacts off.. hmm. i do want coloured-eyeballs though.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh My.
My lips are super reddish and dry because of the the freezing aircon in the office. Any recommendations on what i can do to stop it from turning red?? Seriously, i look damn horrible with super red lips. haha.

Dont suggest lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick please.

( For the people asking about where im actually working at: i work around Delfi Orchard and Orchard Towers which are actually a shopping centre but im in the upper storeys offices where only people working there can enter. yeap. so maybe around lunch time you guys can spot me eating lunch in the shopping centres around the area? haha. )

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

im back home after my first day at work!!

Yes, after many many days of rotting at home, i FINALLY FINALLY found a job! hahaha. But unfortunately, this is bad news for this blog, because my working hours are longggg. yes, from morning 10am, to 9pm. 11 freaking hours inside that freezing office, talking non-stop. okay, not talking non-stop, but my job requires talking almost all the time. Talk talk talk until my mouth is now super tired that i dont even feel like whispering. hees. And yea, that means that my future blog entries MIGHT be a little random and not very interesting. well... you cant expect great ideas coming from a sleepyhead mah. i know you guys are NICE understanding people right?! Will still come back and read my rubbish right?? Please say YES!! haha. I wont be working after 3 months, so dont worry. After that 3 months, my brain will turn back to normal and ME will still me ME :]

hmm. i'll still try and blog almost everyday, and hopefully some photos. As for my comment box (not tagboard) , i promise i'll reply those that i need to reply by every Sunday okay? Yeap, Sunday is my Free Day. heh hehs.

My first day at work today was okay, but the best part was bumping into Fiona in the Mrt carriage after work. Errr. no. we didnt realy 'bumped' into each other la. we SAW each other. haha. And we, being we, refused to go home early and walked around the empty shopping mall before we finally decide that we are tired. haha.

Alright. im really falling asleep already. heee. Since my office is in Orchard Road, say hello if you see me there okay? Cheerios and GoodNites!!


Monday, December 18, 2006

I woke up damn earlier than usual, because Shunlai wanted to pass me a gift and he could only be free at 9 plus in the morning. whoooh. he must be the most luckiest guy in the world other than my father to see me 5 minutes just after i woke up. hahaha.

I havent gave a name to it yet. No ideas. lol. Thanks Shunlai for the present~!! it's gonna be sleeping with me tonight :)
i LOVE presents. haha.

anyway, here is the special photo that daddy stumbled upon. move your cursor from left to right on the picture, and the picture will change as you move. ( you have to click the picture before it can work)

(click here for larger view- original size)
very special right?!!

haha. anyway, look at this hilarious video.
(some violence in the cartoon)

i laughed at the part when he looked at the fat woman and decided that he doesn't want her. haha. choosy little stick man

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Daddy stumbled upon a very special photograph and a hilarious video. will blog about them maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. Must come and see ah!

Mum: You at night never sleep huh?
Me: Of course got la.
Mum: Then why your eyebag so dark now??

aaaahhhhh~ i dont want to look uglyyyyyyy :(
it's terrible being stucked at home all day long. it burns my brain and leave me with nothing to blog about. And when i have nothing to blog about, im tempted to leave my blog to rot on its own. And then, some inner voice would keep pestering me to blog something if not all my readers will leave and never come back again. so there. the inner voice won. im blogging, im blogging, im blogging... grrrr. so random. sorry lah guys, my brain is too numb to form any genius-ideas already.

anyway, i saw this in a coffeeshop:
Would you allow your child to climb up and stand up the table in a coffeeshop like that?? This pair of parents practically ignored their daughter doing this, and continued talking and eating their porridge which was almost knocked off by their daughter. If it was my daughter, she wouldnt have the chance to even lift her butt away from the chair while we are eating! haha. IM STRICT~!! =D

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Click on the image above to enter my DeviantArt Gallery! haha. i just signed up yesterday, and i have uploaded several pictures there already.

Im going to update more photos i take which could be passed off as 'Art' to that gallery. So well, Visit there regulary for new updates. If you're free enough, sign up an account too! Afterwhich you may add comments to the images. Yay!


Oh ya, For easy accessiblity to my deviantart gallery in the future, you guys can easily click on the link located in my sidebar. Yes, it's the same as the above picture.

Anyway, if you are getting ready to critisize, dont bother. Any images uploaded there is up to me, and dont ask me why i upload something useless & nonsensical.

Friday, December 15, 2006

ANTS: part one.

i was bathing this morning and looking at the floor. Saw an ant between puddles of water, trying to find its way of out the flooding maze. Gosh. i immediately walked about 1 metre away and bathed there instead. whoooosh. How many ants have i killed while bathing in my 16 years of life??

ANTS: part two.

i was vacumning my room today, when i accidently vacumed a bunch of ants. omg omg. it's scary seeing them soaked up into my vacumn, and it's even scarier imagining how many ant corpse is inside my vacumn. yuck.

- - - - - - - - -
luckily, that was the end of my ants encounters for today. phew. jeroel came to my house downstairs today to bring me to his workplace for a job interview. St James Power Station. it's a pub+restaurant hor! not petrol station! haha. when he first told me that he works at St James Power Station, my first reaction was: "huh? Petrol Station??" Goodness knows why my brain works differently. haha. anyway, i dont think im gonna work there bahs.

well, barely 5 minutes after i stepped out of that place, the strap of my high heels broke. LUCKILY, shunlai was with 3 other guys at VivoCity, which is miraclely located just opposite St James Power Station. I got tired of walking like a penguin with the broken shoe, and so i took off my heels and walked barefoot. yes, barefoot. up and down the overhead bridge, and several storeys around VivoCity Mall. it was so embarrassing and people must have thought that im some lunatic, but i had no choice. We found superglue in the end, and the day was saved~!! hohoho.

i'll remember this day, 15th December 2006:
the day i walked barefoot in a shopping mall.

haha. alright. here's a nice song i just discovered about 10 minutes ago. dont bother watching the video play, because the screen wont move. just listen to the song :)

Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession.
Love me or hate me, that is the question.
If you love me then thank you!
If you hate me then fuck you!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nice song, nice video:
Ping Guang's [ wu ke jiu yao ]

So sweet, isn't it?
Love is beautiful,
Only if you know how to appreciate it.

Dont just loiter around me; Pick your steps and mingle with me -

random random random.
i love being random. haha.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I went to visit Little JunYuan yesterday!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't him so adorable?? Say he is! =D

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

the dictionary describes them as: A class of people enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status.

According to sixteen years old like me, 'Elites' meant those super-clever-studious-students from prestigious schools.

And one of the negative things said about these so-called elites, is that alot of them are uncaring, proud people who looks down on people who are not as good as them.

About one year ago, i would have no problem with these elites. Majority of the people around me are normal, playful people who didn't care so much about whether their exam results are better than their friends or not. Nothing matters as long as we would not have to stay back and repeat the school year. Of course there was about three or four girls who cared alot about their studies and set very high expectations for themselves, but they aren't proudish or what at all. they studied their own things, leave us lazy bums as we are, and accepted us for what we are as friends.

it was till i got abit more active in using the internet this year, when i realised that the world isn't such a nice place afterall. Over the internet, i often see students from prestigious schools looking down and making snobbish remarks on people who attend neighbourhood schools. yes, i dont deny that they are talented, clever genius who can calculate 268 x 895 within afew seconds and they ought to be 'WOWed' by us for that, but.... so what?

im not targetting all elites out there. i know some are really nice, friendly people, but it's just afew black sheeps. they ought to know that not everyone puts academic studies as a first piority. i would very much rather spend my teenage years having fun with friends, get average scores for exams and be happy. if you were to put me into a school surrounded by elite friends who are so competitive that even the smallest class test also have to compete, i can confidently say that i would think life is miserable and boring. so what if i get better results than others? that doesn't ensure that i would be happy everyday.

those elites who tend to look down on less-intelligent people, think again. Maybe having super-good results is LIFE to you, but please do remember that other people might not think that way. Entering a prestigious school and getting the best exam score in Singapore is not very important to us. and our lives still go on peacefully without all that intelligence -.-

yes, those elites study alot and tend to get better jobs in the future. but if i have to waste my teenage years studying and studying all the time just to get a high job position, i prefer having fun in my teenage years, and have an average stable job in the future.

who cares about what others would think of me. what matters is that im happy with my life, isn't it?

p.s. this post has no offence to those elites out there & dun worry, i know studies are important and although they dont stand the first place in my piority list, i'll still take them seriously and try my very best in it :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

i told Fabian yesterday that im going to change my blue nails into purple nails, but he said that he finds pink more alluring. oh well, since he's a guy, i shall go for a guy's taste. i changed into plain pink nails!


however, the results turned out like this. pink nails alluring meh?? looks like my natural nails without nail polish leh. LOL.

oh well, i mentioned yesterday about going for job-interviews today.. hmmm. i thought that i was going to lose my way today, because the person going out with me is.......... FIONA, the dunoe-how-to-read-map-girl. haha! it's lucky that i have at least a little more sense of direction than her, or else i think we would still be lost inside a jungle now. haha.

Our first venue was a great success though. After looking at the little map, we reached our destination fast and smooth.

lalalala. the bad thing is, we reached much more earlier than the appointment time. oh well. we walked around, and tried to look for a nice cafe for a nice drink. guess what? there were NO cafes in sight. i think the only drinks available is from that 'cheers store' bah -.-


We went into Stamford House, which is across the road, and came across this Art Shop. we weren't allowed to take photos there, but i took 2 anyway =X the painting are very nice la! this one especially.

this painting looks 3D in real life, but it's not 3D actually. Wow. haha. i only managed to take capture half the painting, because i cannot be too obvious that im taking photo mah!

Finally, it's our appointment time. As we walked pass the interviewer, we thought that she was very fierce and scary. haha. maybe cause she smoke and have that very 'not-happy' look. haha. but throughout our interview, she was very professional and friendly. hehes. this is called, Never judge a book by it's cover.

After that, we headed for our next interview. After asking directions from 3 nice guys, we walked along a longggggggg red building before we reached the place. oh well, i looked at the shop, and decided not to go for interview liao. haha. the shop hasn't open anyway. and so, we turned hungry, and began our search for a food place with AIRCON. haha. we were burning with sweat by the sun, and we were VERY in need of air-con. we walked a very very very long distance, but still canot find nice aircon food. fiona kept grumbling that she wants Macdonalds. grrrrr.

we walked till we canot walk any more, and finally one aunty told us that there's burger king near the mrt station. since fiona and me were both lazy pigs, we decided to take a taxi. And guess what?? the mrt station was only about 150 metres away from where we are! in the end the taxi fare only cost $2.50. wahlao. the taxi driver laughed -.- & i feel so stupid. haha.

the red lines are the long distance that we walked:

Our lovely lunch after much sweat :)

After the lunch, off we went to dhoby ghaut. We found out that dhoby ghaut in chinese is......... 'duo mei ge'.. direct translation to english? it's 'Many Pretty Song' ... what has it got to do with the word dhoby ghaut?? i thought dhoby ghaut used to be a laundry place? it's should be called "xi yi fu" mahs. direct translation means 'washing clothes' =) this would be more appropriate than that 'Many Pretty Song' la. haha.

We were very ahead of time, and so we 'shopped' in this boring boring Shopping centre. Look at how empty it is!

At the bus stop, i saw this bus with a BIGBIG burger on it.

and the next bus? BIGBIG cups of beer.

and the next bus? a BIGBIG mouth and BIGBIG teeth. i didn't have time to take a photo of it though. OMG. why everything BIG BIG one?!

hmmm. i losted my map on the way, and i had to call up the office from the many anonymous numbers in my handphone's call log. haha. luckily, the first random number i guessed was really the office's number. lol.

after i reached the place, another embarrassing thing happened. i climbed up the wrong staircase, and ended up walking into the wrong office. grrrrr.

but the staircase look nice leh. haha. not nice meh?? at least better than those chinatown shop house staircase.

This interview went smoothly too =D haha. the lady is also very friendly, and we laugh alot of times. lalalala. after that, we went to walk around Plaza Singapura, and when i entered the female toilet, i thought that i entered the male toilet, because i saw a urinal!

so shocked la!! haha. but lucky, i had entered the correct toilet. it's a FEMALE toilet, and that thingy is for young boys under 6. heees.
oh ya. and old lady told fiona that she thought me and her are TWIN SISTERS. how could that be la!! we look so so so so so different!! she's tall, im short. she's thin, im plump. she got big eyes, i got small eyes. she got long eyelashes, i got short eyelashes. she look mature, i look kiddish. she got straight hair, i got wavy hair. she got dimple, i dont have. she got wear lipgloss, i never. she wore a blue tube and i wore a black top!! where got same!! twin sisters?? omg. haha.

Compare and contrast! So different la.

Guess what fiona told me in msn justnow?

fiona: "you that time told me not to write your name in capital letters in my blog. is it real or was it a dream? "

Of course is dream la! i want my name to be big, in CAPITAL letters, and bolded. wahahaha.