Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mum: You at night never sleep huh?
Me: Of course got la.
Mum: Then why your eyebag so dark now??

aaaahhhhh~ i dont want to look uglyyyyyyy :(
it's terrible being stucked at home all day long. it burns my brain and leave me with nothing to blog about. And when i have nothing to blog about, im tempted to leave my blog to rot on its own. And then, some inner voice would keep pestering me to blog something if not all my readers will leave and never come back again. so there. the inner voice won. im blogging, im blogging, im blogging... grrrr. so random. sorry lah guys, my brain is too numb to form any genius-ideas already.

anyway, i saw this in a coffeeshop:
Would you allow your child to climb up and stand up the table in a coffeeshop like that?? This pair of parents practically ignored their daughter doing this, and continued talking and eating their porridge which was almost knocked off by their daughter. If it was my daughter, she wouldnt have the chance to even lift her butt away from the chair while we are eating! haha. IM STRICT~!! =D

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