Wednesday, December 20, 2006

im back home after my first day at work!!

Yes, after many many days of rotting at home, i FINALLY FINALLY found a job! hahaha. But unfortunately, this is bad news for this blog, because my working hours are longggg. yes, from morning 10am, to 9pm. 11 freaking hours inside that freezing office, talking non-stop. okay, not talking non-stop, but my job requires talking almost all the time. Talk talk talk until my mouth is now super tired that i dont even feel like whispering. hees. And yea, that means that my future blog entries MIGHT be a little random and not very interesting. well... you cant expect great ideas coming from a sleepyhead mah. i know you guys are NICE understanding people right?! Will still come back and read my rubbish right?? Please say YES!! haha. I wont be working after 3 months, so dont worry. After that 3 months, my brain will turn back to normal and ME will still me ME :]

hmm. i'll still try and blog almost everyday, and hopefully some photos. As for my comment box (not tagboard) , i promise i'll reply those that i need to reply by every Sunday okay? Yeap, Sunday is my Free Day. heh hehs.

My first day at work today was okay, but the best part was bumping into Fiona in the Mrt carriage after work. Errr. no. we didnt realy 'bumped' into each other la. we SAW each other. haha. And we, being we, refused to go home early and walked around the empty shopping mall before we finally decide that we are tired. haha.

Alright. im really falling asleep already. heee. Since my office is in Orchard Road, say hello if you see me there okay? Cheerios and GoodNites!!


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