Monday, December 11, 2006

i told Fabian yesterday that im going to change my blue nails into purple nails, but he said that he finds pink more alluring. oh well, since he's a guy, i shall go for a guy's taste. i changed into plain pink nails!


however, the results turned out like this. pink nails alluring meh?? looks like my natural nails without nail polish leh. LOL.

oh well, i mentioned yesterday about going for job-interviews today.. hmmm. i thought that i was going to lose my way today, because the person going out with me is.......... FIONA, the dunoe-how-to-read-map-girl. haha! it's lucky that i have at least a little more sense of direction than her, or else i think we would still be lost inside a jungle now. haha.

Our first venue was a great success though. After looking at the little map, we reached our destination fast and smooth.

lalalala. the bad thing is, we reached much more earlier than the appointment time. oh well. we walked around, and tried to look for a nice cafe for a nice drink. guess what? there were NO cafes in sight. i think the only drinks available is from that 'cheers store' bah -.-


We went into Stamford House, which is across the road, and came across this Art Shop. we weren't allowed to take photos there, but i took 2 anyway =X the painting are very nice la! this one especially.

this painting looks 3D in real life, but it's not 3D actually. Wow. haha. i only managed to take capture half the painting, because i cannot be too obvious that im taking photo mah!

Finally, it's our appointment time. As we walked pass the interviewer, we thought that she was very fierce and scary. haha. maybe cause she smoke and have that very 'not-happy' look. haha. but throughout our interview, she was very professional and friendly. hehes. this is called, Never judge a book by it's cover.

After that, we headed for our next interview. After asking directions from 3 nice guys, we walked along a longggggggg red building before we reached the place. oh well, i looked at the shop, and decided not to go for interview liao. haha. the shop hasn't open anyway. and so, we turned hungry, and began our search for a food place with AIRCON. haha. we were burning with sweat by the sun, and we were VERY in need of air-con. we walked a very very very long distance, but still canot find nice aircon food. fiona kept grumbling that she wants Macdonalds. grrrrr.

we walked till we canot walk any more, and finally one aunty told us that there's burger king near the mrt station. since fiona and me were both lazy pigs, we decided to take a taxi. And guess what?? the mrt station was only about 150 metres away from where we are! in the end the taxi fare only cost $2.50. wahlao. the taxi driver laughed -.- & i feel so stupid. haha.

the red lines are the long distance that we walked:

Our lovely lunch after much sweat :)

After the lunch, off we went to dhoby ghaut. We found out that dhoby ghaut in chinese is......... 'duo mei ge'.. direct translation to english? it's 'Many Pretty Song' ... what has it got to do with the word dhoby ghaut?? i thought dhoby ghaut used to be a laundry place? it's should be called "xi yi fu" mahs. direct translation means 'washing clothes' =) this would be more appropriate than that 'Many Pretty Song' la. haha.

We were very ahead of time, and so we 'shopped' in this boring boring Shopping centre. Look at how empty it is!

At the bus stop, i saw this bus with a BIGBIG burger on it.

and the next bus? BIGBIG cups of beer.

and the next bus? a BIGBIG mouth and BIGBIG teeth. i didn't have time to take a photo of it though. OMG. why everything BIG BIG one?!

hmmm. i losted my map on the way, and i had to call up the office from the many anonymous numbers in my handphone's call log. haha. luckily, the first random number i guessed was really the office's number. lol.

after i reached the place, another embarrassing thing happened. i climbed up the wrong staircase, and ended up walking into the wrong office. grrrrr.

but the staircase look nice leh. haha. not nice meh?? at least better than those chinatown shop house staircase.

This interview went smoothly too =D haha. the lady is also very friendly, and we laugh alot of times. lalalala. after that, we went to walk around Plaza Singapura, and when i entered the female toilet, i thought that i entered the male toilet, because i saw a urinal!

so shocked la!! haha. but lucky, i had entered the correct toilet. it's a FEMALE toilet, and that thingy is for young boys under 6. heees.
oh ya. and old lady told fiona that she thought me and her are TWIN SISTERS. how could that be la!! we look so so so so so different!! she's tall, im short. she's thin, im plump. she got big eyes, i got small eyes. she got long eyelashes, i got short eyelashes. she look mature, i look kiddish. she got straight hair, i got wavy hair. she got dimple, i dont have. she got wear lipgloss, i never. she wore a blue tube and i wore a black top!! where got same!! twin sisters?? omg. haha.

Compare and contrast! So different la.

Guess what fiona told me in msn justnow?

fiona: "you that time told me not to write your name in capital letters in my blog. is it real or was it a dream? "

Of course is dream la! i want my name to be big, in CAPITAL letters, and bolded. wahahaha.

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