Sunday, December 3, 2006

argh. this is the fourth day since im stucked at home, with nothing better to do than staring at the computer screen whole day long. im terribly bored, i want some fresh air, i want to go out. i dont want to blog boring things everyday~~~~ *screams*

sorry for the boring posts lately, maybe it all resulted from breathing in too much of my own carbon dioxide in my house, and the lack of fresh oxygen from the beautiful trees outside. geees. mum wont let me go out unless i found a job. that's bad.

anyway, do you remember how our kindergarden teachers taught us how to draw octopus? like this right?

the HAPPY octopus:

well, daddy told me recently that actually octopus have no mouth. what??!! that means we have all been deceived by our kindergarden teachers since so long ago??!! gosh. i always thought octopus have that circle mouth. they look so uncute without the mouth now:

haha. i still wonder why our kindergarden taught us to draw octopus with that cute mouth when they actually dont have mouth at all. out of boredom, i searched yahoo for images of real octopus. errr... i concluded that real octopus looked UGLY. i still prefer the cute octopus with a mouth. lalalala.
anyway, does every octopus have EIGHT legs??

this is another funny cartoon i found. instead of human using mouse, it becomes mouse using human. heees~ imagine babymouse telling papamouse.
"papa, our human spoil already. need to buy new one later."

hmmmm. how many hands are needed to create this image??
actually, i dont know too. haha.

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