Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thursday went to Friday and asked whether Saturday has told Sunday that this Monday is new year.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF 2006!! wooooh. alright. i shall post some updates before i rush out for 2007's Countdown.

Being stucked inside the office for a large percentage of time everyday, i almost losted touch with the real world already. i dont even know what is the funniest advertisement on tv now. haha. my job is getting more and more boring. hmmm. i guess im gonna quit soon. really cannot tahan this job already. haha. my motivations everyday at work is just looking forward to Lunchbreak, Dinnertime, and AfterWork. i seriously dont know how all the seniors could stand this No-Life job for so many years. hahaha.

well, i saw this wierd woman while buying lunch one day. she is short, fat, have very plump legs, super flabby hands, and her most outstanding features is her boobs. The size is about 3/4 of her whole body! somemore firm firm one. lol. she wored a low cut top, and the moment i saw her, the first sentence that appeared in my head was:
"she went for breast enhancement".

it's almost like Z-cup size lor! haha. after we went out of the shop, my senior told me that this woman works in the massage-shop next door. however, her massage job is got 'extra-service' that kind. heees. this shows that it doesnt matter if you are fat and ugly. as long as you have bigboobs, there would always be a long queue of ah-peks wanting you.

this is a rough figure of that woman. (dont laugh at my drawing quality la! haha. i dont draw well using computer mah.)

Anyway, i think im going to change that photo up there at the top of this blog to this new one. any comments? here's some other camwhore-results.

blahblahblah. bear with the self-obssessing please. i wouldnt be able to camwhore as much nextime liao, because my handphone is reaching it's death soon. it's already half-dead!

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