Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Today is Mum &Dad's wedding anniversary, so that means we'll have cakes to eat tonight :) hurray~! haha.

well, yesterday we went to the newly opened tampines ikea. when i was young i loved going to the old ikea, because daddy would always buy ice-cream and hotdog bun from that delicious shop at the end of the shopping. wahahaha.

didn't take much photos though. haha. take photos of tables and chair for what?? well, i saw some beds for display, and there was firm, medium, and soft. i sat on the soft one, and almost sank to the middle. i sat on the firm one, & bumped my butt. grrrr. i loved the medium one the best, because it's bouncy. haha. the perfect bed for *exercising*
LOL. oh no. i forgot there are people under 16 reading this =X

lets turn the focus to this Snake. i think we can call it the IKEA snake already. i see it almost everywhere there! let another animal get the spotlight please.... this snake has already got it's share of attention for several years already -.-

that's my sister strangling the snake and the snake shouting for help. lalalala~

this octopus toy has no mouth! finally they aren't lying to little kids that octopus have that circle-lish mouth. the coffee's nice! i think it's the first time i actually dined in the ikea cafe though.

well, after the ikea trip, we went to eat Buffet at Sakura Japanese Restaurant, in downtown east. Expensive ah! but the food and variety is damn nice!


i think this sharkfin is fake. because not very nice. haha.another special thing about this restaurant, is that it's not all about buffet only. see those clips at the table number stand? you can take one, and order food from the chef to cook for you. just clip the pegs at the sample plate, and the waiters will serve it to your table when the chef has finished cooking it!One of the thing i ordered. Chicken Chop! yummy!Another one is Seafood Hotplate to share~i guess the best thing i loved was the dessert. lots of variety of flavours!! =D


Many type of fruits and sweet snacks there. I only chose grapes though. too full. haha.For the ice-cream, you can put as much toppings like peanut or chocolate rice as you want. i liked the lime flavour ice-cream the most, because it's not too sweet, and it's refreshing.

and my favourite? the cakes! the cakes are mini, and that leaves more space in your stomach for trying all the flavours there. well, i only chose 4 flavours. haha. the new york cheesecake is the BEST BEST BEST!! i love cheesecakes. if you want to make me happy, buy me a cold cheesecake :)


alright. i went home yesterday with a BIG tummy............ and ugly hair. i cutted my hair yesterday already!! i measured. 13 cm leh!! the worst thing is, my hair was cutted wrongly, so i looked horrible the whole day =(

Look at how short my hair is!! I MISS MY LONG LONG LONG HAIR~~

but..... luckily, i went to a salon today to cut my hair again, because NICE shunlai offered to pay for my hair cut. wahahaha. i love my hair now, except that i hope it grows longer quickly. i dont like short hair. well, went to alot of places with Shunlai today and is quite tired liao. too lazy to take photos of my new hair. next time bah! =)

(errr. i looked big sized in this pic, because im wearing that huge yellow cloth from the hairdresser la!! -.-)
and tada, my nails!! =)

okay. that's enough photos for today already. BYE!

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