Friday, December 1, 2006

Andy lau.
Isn't him the most charming man you've ever seen?? woooh. whenever i watch his movies, i would never fail to get charmed by his looks and character. and to think he's already 40 plus years old~! i think he might be the ONLY guy who could get more and more handsome as his age multiplys. gosh. i would be damn blessed if he was my father. if i had a father of that face, i would have looked better, way better~ haha. i will also be cleverer, because there's 50 percent chance that i'll inherit his brains. wohoho. i wont be here blogging about mindless stuffs then.

who else can try to look ugly but still look cute? him lor. this photo reminds me of an octopus though. a cute octopus :)

im still wondering why im blogging about him all of a sudden. it's seems like i've nothing better to blog about. haha. he just popped into my mind this morning while i was thinking about skipping ropes. irrevelant hor? LOL. i have no idea how my brain works actually. alright, one more photo to drool about:

im hungry.

ok, i found two funny pictures in my sister's picture folder.
( this two pictures at the bottom are SUPPOSED to move)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

are you laughing at what im laughing at??

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