Friday, December 8, 2006


Look what i found in my kitchen dustbin:

doesn't it looks like many many little worms? yuck~!!

hmmms. nothing much to blog about today. maybe this video? Jolin's new song. however, i doubt you will hear this song in Singapore's radio, because it's in Taiwanese dialect. i have no idea what she's singing about, but i liked the music video :)

As i was browsing around, i found these really nice pictures.

Isn't this pretty?? the abstract meaning of this picture is Love at First Sight. Click on the picture to get into the artist's profile.

and .....this. it's a very simple picture, but it's really beautiful.okay okay. i admit la. im very very very very bored at home. there's nothing inspirative about my house that is interesting enough to blog about, so im here acting artistic. blah blah blah.

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