Saturday, January 28, 2017

Prewedding Studio Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Besides the main pre-wedding shoot in Seoul and Melbourne, we also took some indoor photos at Seletar Broadway's studio. Thankfully, we already have sufficient outdoor photos taken during the other two shoots so we didn't need to do it locally. The weather here would have been relentless otherwise!

The studio is located on the 2nd level above the gown gallery on the ground floor. I remember the first time I entered the studio, I was impressed by wide variety of different background set up. Besides the usual roller backdrops that can be changed, there are also different wall settings all around the studio. There's even a flower wall!

Here are some photos I took behind the scenes during the gown fitting and shoot.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The ideal scenarios that I lost with time

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Batam Family Trip

Last month, my whole family went to Batam for a short 3D2N trip! Not just 4 of us, but all 18 of us... including my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wedding Preparations - Food Tasting

Earlier this week, we had our much-awaited food tasting session for the wedding! I figured most of my friends and relatives do not read my blog, so it should be okay to post about it I guess? Haha. Also, I don't think I'd get the chance to sit down and enjoy my food on the actual day anyway.

Marriott prepared a private room in Wan Hao Restaurant for the food tasting session. Generally, I wasn't too worried about the quality of wedding food at Marriott because it is prepared by Wan Hao. Indeed, all the dishes turned out quite well. Hopefully the standard will be as good on the actual day!

This is the second time both our parents met and this time it was slightly more casual because there wasn't anything serious to discuss about so we could chit-chat freely about other matters!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Cashless Day

I was running some errands alone last weekend...... and I forgot my wallet!!!!! Alamak.

Luckily my boyfriend gave me a ride to the mall and I realized just before I got off. So he passed me $20 and his credit card. (He initially gave me only $20 -_-).

So there I was, with his credit card and a measly $20, all alone. It's such a scary feeling to be out with limited money! As you know, not everywhere accepts credit card so the $20 cash is very important. Cannot anyhow spend!

I printed some photos at the photo shop and I heard the staff telling another customer that minimum spending is $20 to use credit card. Mine was only $17+! Using cash would mean that I'd only be left with $2 T_T

So I put on a kelian face and asked the auntie if I can pay by credit because I forgot my wallet and only have $20. If I pay using cash I'd have no more cash and it'd be jialat if I need to use cash later.

Then she literally 二话不说 took my card to swipe. So nice!!!!

Ate at a Hong Kong casual restaurant and they had this promo set meal going on. Only $8.10 for noodles and a drink! Plus can pay by credit card. Hehe.

BF told me I had to tell him the amount I swiped so that he can track.

I scored myself a free meal!

And guess what....... I left the place without my printed photos hahahahahahaha. I was supposed to collect it after lunch but I went straight to the taxi stand instead -_- Only when I already reached my next destination and wanted to proceed with my 2nd errand then I remember.... Without the photos, I wasn't able to complete my 2nd errand! Aiyo! So I cabbed back, collected the prints, and cabbed again. 真是的!

And to think my BF initially only gave me $20 cash? Where got enough?!! Hahahahaha.

Anyway it was a really suay day because while in the midst of my 2nd errand, my camera battery went totally flat?? Bf was with his friend watching a movie and he left before the movie ended just to pass me his spare battery. ♥

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Prewedding Shoot in Melbourne - Behind The Scenes

As mentioned previously, we had three pre-wedding shoots done in Korea, Australia, and Singapore.

I blogged about the experience in Korea in an earlier post! You can read it here:

Few days before arriving in Melbourne, the weather forecast said that it was going to rain at 9am, the original shoot timing which we had prearranged with the photographer. Hence, we shifted it earlier to 7am and imagine how dismayed I was when it rained!! I really didn't want umbrella shots if possible and silently wished for at least 15 mins of no rain/ light drizzle so that we have some nice shots. Luckily for us, the downpour only lasted 15 mins. It was super cold especially for me because I was wearing a sleeveless gown. Shivering throughout and my toes were so numb.

We had some photos taken infront of St Patrick's Cathedral, and then we walked to Parliament House which was nearby. No behind the scene photos of Parliament House because it was only us and the photographer. We left our phones in the car and luckily we managed to find our way back after the shoot because there won't be any GPS to help us! Hehe.

Back at the Cathedral where we parked the car, I grabbed my coat and took a quick snap of ourselves that morning.

Afterwards, we went back to the apartment to change into casual wear. This time together with my family, we drove out to Brighton Beach and Half Moon Bay for the next part of our shoot!

Here's a behind the scene photo - I think this was when I injured my toe again. Second time in a month, on the same toe! :(

Can't wait to post the actual photos already!