Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Prewedding Shoot in Melbourne - Behind The Scenes

As mentioned previously, we had three pre-wedding shoots done in Korea, Australia, and Singapore.

I blogged about the experience in Korea in an earlier post! You can read it here: http://www.estherxie.com/2016/10/prewedding-shoot-in-korea-behind-scenes.html

Few days before arriving in Melbourne, the weather forecast said that it was going to rain at 9am, the original shoot timing which we had prearranged with the photographer. Hence, we shifted it earlier to 7am and imagine how dismayed I was when it rained!! I really didn't want umbrella shots if possible and silently wished for at least 15 mins of no rain/ light drizzle so that we have some nice shots. Luckily for us, the downpour only lasted 15 mins. It was super cold especially for me because I was wearing a sleeveless gown. Shivering throughout and my toes were so numb.

We had some photos taken infront of St Patrick's Cathedral, and then we walked to Parliament House which was nearby. No behind the scene photos of Parliament House because it was only us and the photographer. We left our phones in the car and luckily we managed to find our way back after the shoot because there won't be any GPS to help us! Hehe.

Back at the Cathedral where we parked the car, I grabbed my coat and took a quick snap of ourselves that morning.

Afterwards, we went back to the apartment to change into casual wear. This time together with my family, we drove out to Brighton Beach and Half Moon Bay for the next part of our shoot!

Here's a behind the scene photo - I think this was when I injured my toe again. Second time in a month, on the same toe! :(

Can't wait to post the actual photos already!

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