Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Cashless Day

I was running some errands alone last weekend...... and I forgot my wallet!!!!! Alamak.

Luckily my boyfriend gave me a ride to the mall and I realized just before I got off. So he passed me $20 and his credit card. (He initially gave me only $20 -_-).

So there I was, with his credit card and a measly $20, all alone. It's such a scary feeling to be out with limited money! As you know, not everywhere accepts credit card so the $20 cash is very important. Cannot anyhow spend!

I printed some photos at the photo shop and I heard the staff telling another customer that minimum spending is $20 to use credit card. Mine was only $17+! Using cash would mean that I'd only be left with $2 T_T

So I put on a kelian face and asked the auntie if I can pay by credit because I forgot my wallet and only have $20. If I pay using cash I'd have no more cash and it'd be jialat if I need to use cash later.

Then she literally 二话不说 took my card to swipe. So nice!!!!

Ate at a Hong Kong casual restaurant and they had this promo set meal going on. Only $8.10 for noodles and a drink! Plus can pay by credit card. Hehe.

BF told me I had to tell him the amount I swiped so that he can track.

I scored myself a free meal!

And guess what....... I left the place without my printed photos hahahahahahaha. I was supposed to collect it after lunch but I went straight to the taxi stand instead -_- Only when I already reached my next destination and wanted to proceed with my 2nd errand then I remember.... Without the photos, I wasn't able to complete my 2nd errand! Aiyo! So I cabbed back, collected the prints, and cabbed again. 真是的!

And to think my BF initially only gave me $20 cash? Where got enough?!! Hahahahaha.

Anyway it was a really suay day because while in the midst of my 2nd errand, my camera battery went totally flat?? Bf was with his friend watching a movie and he left before the movie ended just to pass me his spare battery. ♥

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