Thursday, November 30, 2006

The best way to skip lectures in school:

haha. i seriously dont know why i keep laughing at this video:
"They're taking the hobbits to Isengard"

well, i went to Denver, Yikai, & Weidong's birthday chalet last night. Had fun, but nothing worthy to blog about. alright, lets try the 'summary' way of blogging.
took 4 irrevelant photos, but un-bothered to transfer them to this computer. last night was the first time i ate bbq marshmallows :) just as the bbq was about to start, i went to meet kenneth at macdonalds, who didn't tell me he brought about 6 or 7 other friends who i dont know. out of boredom, i went back to the chalet after afew minutes. i think i would very much rather flip hotdogs at the bbq than sit outdoors with a whole crowd of unknown boys, looking at them munching on their french fries and sipping on their coke.

Bored already after just one paragraph?? lucky i dont blog like that everyday. LOL.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Found this postcard on my dining tablei think if i dont live in Singapore, i'll be thinner by 10 kg ^^

Mum was in a great mood yesterday, bought a pair of nice glittery high heels and even said she wanted to treat us to a big feast for dinner. well, we walked around Bugis Junction, peering into windows of high-classed restaurants, with daddy exclaiming that those food aren't really our type. haha. it's actually quite true, because that buffet restaurant looks really high high high high classed. hohos. it would cost mum a bomb if we really ate there.

in the end, we settled for seoul garden~

there was a handsome hunk sitting at the table next to us, with his family. awwww~ i kept glancing to that table. oops =X
i seriously dont know why my sister took so much sushi~

A photo of my lovely egg~

Right after i took that photo, my camera lenses went oily, and the next few photos turned out like...... this: it was actually supposed to a photo of burnt meat -.- i think i ate 5kg of Chicken Meat yesterday.
well, the most delicious thing there was this drumlet. i guess it's delicious because it was fried by the Seoul Garden People, not me. LOL.
Melted Icecream:

At my seat, i had the view of this window. while i was eating, i kept wondering what i'll do if Superman flew past. wahahaha.

The oil splattered on my hands. Not only that, it also splattered on my face. YUCK! i'll blame seoul garden if i grow pimples on my face the next day =( when i got home, the first thing i did was kill bacteria with Biore!

I also saw this Christmas Tree from sookee jewellery there. it doesn't have leaves, and is all Crystals and glitters. wow. it must be the most pretty christmas tree i've ever seen.

And as usual,

and the video below is: Wo ke Yi- by Evan


Monday, November 27, 2006

( click for large size )

my blog is rank 90 in Technorati top 100 popular blogs???
OMG. Can someone tell me whether im dreaming or what?

i looked into my handphone, and in the TO-BE-BLOGGED list, i saw the word "pasar malam". well, i went to the pasar malam near by house 2 days ago, but i seriously forgot what interesting things i had intended to blog about. haha. nevermind, I decide that i love Ramly Chicken Burger. HOHO.

hmmms. i thought that my daddy was the one who always crack up cold-jokes, but my mum did a surprising thing that night. i was walking home with her, and as usual, she walked fast, and i walked slow. suddenly, she turned around and told me that the moon was smiling at me.
i looked up at the moon, and realised that the moon was in this shape.

if there were two stars above it, the moon would really be smiling at me. wahahaha.

then mum smiled, and told me that i have to smile back at the moon. i immediately replied her: "wah lao! mummy, you today VERY LAME leh!! " hahaha. i wonder what thing made her so happy and hyper that night -.-

alright. *change this stupid topic*
Have you ever sat in a cinema, and a kid behind you starts to put his hand over your hair and mess it up?? well, it happened to someone i knew. LOL. she ignored it at first, but after some time, she got quite fed up and threw a fake-cough. the mother of the child pretended that she didn't heard, and the child kept messing her hair. she threw a fake-cough again, and this time the mother of the child took away her child's hand and said "OHHH~~~ im so~~~ sorrrrrrry. " yes, her tone was like that. after that, the child started to mess my friend's hair again, and the child's mother pretended not to see her own child doing it. it happened repeatly, and whenever my friend turned around with a irritated look, the mum would say sorry in that stretching tone.

grrr. if i would immediatly shout at that kid who mess up my hair if i were my friend. in fact, i would yell at anyone who mess up my hair in a public place, even if it's not on purpose. please lah! i every morning have to spent ALOT of time tying up my hair der leh.

haha. how i wish i had those kind of hair that would fall back nicely in place even after messing up, like those in Shampoo advertisments.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Understand the comic strip?
wahahaha. this lame idea formed into my brain while crapping with my sister.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Untrue Story:
Mrs Lim went to swensens for ice cream.
" i'll have the Earthquake, & make sure the 11 flavours are all different. add a layer of chocolate toppings, no, i think i would like 2 layers.throw in chopped almonds all over and dont forget the cream." ordered Mrs Lim.
"would you like some cherries on top of that, madam?" asked the waiter.
"no thanks, im on a diet." Mrs Lim replied.

yesterday, i didn't eat any lunch, and ate only half of my dinner. i would have scored a 1kg decrease in my weight if i hadn't ate Fried Egg after dinner, ChweeKueh for supper, and a packet of chocolate biscuits after supper.

well, I logged in to msn that day, and suddenly Junyuan sent me a video that some of our friends made. turn up your speakers, because it's super hilarious!

The 3 magicians: David Silverfield, David Lame, and Christ Devil.

those guys really had nothing better to do in the middle of the night. haha. well, after watching the video, i proceeded to search some nice magic tricks in youtube, and found these:

hmmms. i think magic is amazing~ wooohoooo.
i think every girl would like a boyfriend who knows magic :)
not those amateur magic tricks that even a 3 year old would know though. i like astonishing magic. i used to read storybooks about enchanted wands, wizards and witches. i would love being a witch. NOT those ugly wrinkly old witch la. i want to be a pretty young modern witch, who has a nice cute white fluffy kitten as helper. wohohoho. the first thing i'll do is to turn my big stack of old textbooks and worksheets into gold. then....... i'll be RICH~!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Graduation Night

alright, here are the photos taken. i was horrified when i saw the photos and realised that i didn't look good that night. well, nevermind. the other girls looked great :)

Before the event, i woke up damn early to prepare but i ended up playing online games with denver. wahahaha. i only started preparing about 1 hour before i was supposed to leave the house. thanks goodness i wasn't late meeting fiona, because i'll sure get a flying punch from her if i did.

3 layers of nailpolish of different brands. Silver base coat, silver glitter, and gold glitter. couldn't be seen clearly from this photo though.

this was the pretty pair of highheels that i borrowed from Bel. it's lucky i didn't fall down that night.

Me, fiona, denver, & zixiang took a taxi and reached there. it was difficult to climb up this long flight of stairs with those high heels!

Inside our ballroom. i had actually wanted to take those balloons home, but in the end i guess it was a wierd sight to see someone in gown, holding a bunch of balloons walking down the streets of orchard road in the middle of the night. haha.

And now for the best part, EATING TIME~! *smiles in gleeeee*


I dropped this piece of prawn before i even placed it in my mouth. haha. well, fiona took another one for me, and it was delicious! (fiona placed the orchid there, and we ended up passing the orchid around)

Well, i didn't eat the rest of the dishes, and i dont know what they are because i was out of the ballroom taking photos. when i came back, i saw a half-eaten dessert on my table. i have no idea who left it there. haha.

Now for the people! you'll see alot of pics with me covering my mouth like this photo, because obviously my mouth looked wierd in it. heee. i'll take it as my handphone's camera quality bad, because i switched to smaller size in order for more memory space. blah blah blah.

Fiona looked VERY gorgeous that night.

We'll be best friends, friends forever. ^^

Bel looked very beautiful that night too! =)

Miss Grad Edah and me!

And this is Mr Grad Junwei and Me~

Shereen and me. she looked Spicy that night. wheeets~






I was feeling bored waiting for the next dish to come =X

i seriously dont know why i took a photo of this.

Everyone was given this cute teddy. i named it Graddy, because Graduation + teddy = Graddy. LOL.

After the Prom, Nice Shunlai came to fetch me home, and we walked down the streets of Orchard Road.

My feet was painful from walking such long distance in high heels after that :(

One irritating thing about that night, was my bra-strap. Mummy bought this super-thin bra-strap for me, so that it will be unseenable. however, this bra-strap kept squeezing my skin, and i spent alot of time adjusting it the whole night. i hope no one saw me doing this ugly act. hehes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i'll post more photos here after my friends send them to me :)