Saturday, November 25, 2006

Untrue Story:
Mrs Lim went to swensens for ice cream.
" i'll have the Earthquake, & make sure the 11 flavours are all different. add a layer of chocolate toppings, no, i think i would like 2 layers.throw in chopped almonds all over and dont forget the cream." ordered Mrs Lim.
"would you like some cherries on top of that, madam?" asked the waiter.
"no thanks, im on a diet." Mrs Lim replied.

yesterday, i didn't eat any lunch, and ate only half of my dinner. i would have scored a 1kg decrease in my weight if i hadn't ate Fried Egg after dinner, ChweeKueh for supper, and a packet of chocolate biscuits after supper.

well, I logged in to msn that day, and suddenly Junyuan sent me a video that some of our friends made. turn up your speakers, because it's super hilarious!

The 3 magicians: David Silverfield, David Lame, and Christ Devil.

those guys really had nothing better to do in the middle of the night. haha. well, after watching the video, i proceeded to search some nice magic tricks in youtube, and found these:

hmmms. i think magic is amazing~ wooohoooo.
i think every girl would like a boyfriend who knows magic :)
not those amateur magic tricks that even a 3 year old would know though. i like astonishing magic. i used to read storybooks about enchanted wands, wizards and witches. i would love being a witch. NOT those ugly wrinkly old witch la. i want to be a pretty young modern witch, who has a nice cute white fluffy kitten as helper. wohohoho. the first thing i'll do is to turn my big stack of old textbooks and worksheets into gold. then....... i'll be RICH~!

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