Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fiona came over to my house today, and we packed my ever-so-messy wardrobe. haha. Firstly, we threw all my clothes onto the floor. *phew* luckily the floor was vacumn and mopped yesterday.

The way i used to keep my clothes is that i just throw my clothes into this cupboard after it is washed-dry, and then when i need to wear that particular top, i'll take it out and iron it just before i wear. haha. those that have hangers on them are those that i've not worn for a long long long long time.

And after deciding to throw away a dozen of clothes that are either too big or too small, the result is.... THIS!
All thanks to fiona, and ME! :)

fiona got tired and fell flat on my bed after complaining that the floor and my sister's bed is too hard. haha.

fiona: wah.. i like this bed. i should have slept here earlier la.
esther: haha. if you are a man, i will immediately fly to that bed and pounce on you sia.
(of course i was joking..... -.- )
fiona: aaahhhh!! you perverttttttt~!!

well, my thumb nail broke =(

hmmmms. found a boliao website, and found out my death-date!! boohoohoo...



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