Sunday, November 19, 2006

Think of 15 short bits of interesting stuff about yourself and they gotta be true.
Come up with another 5 false statements regarding yourself.
Jumble all of them up and list them in any order.
Post in your blog and let people guess which are fake. Get 5 others to do the same.

Among these 20, FIVE are fake. GUESS!!

1) I love to sit on a bus journey alone and listen to my mp3 whenever im feeling down.
2) I hate waiting.
3) I live in a 3 storey-bungalow.
4) I have known fiona for 5 years.
5) I don't like to take care of babies and animals.
6) I hate playing in the rain because it would mess up my hair.
7) I was overweight when i was Primary4.
8) I prefer Calla Lillies than Red Roses.
9) daddy bought me a dior handbag on my birthday last year.
10) I used to be a bookworm.
11) I won a Peacock-drawing contest when i was in Primary2.
12) I have many white hair.
13) I dont close the door when i use the toilet at home.
14) This is my first blog.
15) I had no idea how condoms look like until sec3 when i read my science textbook.
16) i have a bath tub at home.
17) I became short-sighted since 6 years old.
18) I have more Guy-friends than Girl-friends.
19) I intend to enjoy life first and marry late.
20) I eat ice cream every night after dinner.

Choose 5 People to do this too:
- Fiona
- Christabel
- Isaac
- Ricky
- Jash

- and anyone else looking at this!


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