Monday, November 13, 2006

Fiona, Ruoxuan, Ivan, Zixiang & denver are supposed to reach my house at 1030 am but i just woke up at 1015 am! -.-

BUT, they are also late so i shall take the opportunity to update a short post today.

i watched a not-very-new movie on tv that day, about 6 friends living together in an apartment for one year, and within that one year, they have to fulfil their wishes which they had written down at the beginning of the year. The movie is funny, and much about chasing dreams, friendship and youth. it's making me realise how fast youth is running, and soon i'll be old sitting on a wheelchair. oh no. I WANT THE FOREVER-YOUTH-POTION~~!! i will share them with my friends so that they can accompany me forever =D

here's the song of the movie, and i love it. yes yes, the girl inside the video is also very pretty! x)

and after showing you 3.29 minutes of that pretty girl, the next video is something disgusting. *evil laughs*

here's the video of how michael jackson changed over the years.

i think he looked better right at the beginning before he started any surgery. he looks like a clown when he turned old, and one thing im terribly afraid of is clowns. i dont know why, but maybe they look scary. eeeek. i think plastic surgery is yucky. i would rather apply 3 inches of make-up to change my look than go under the knife for plastic surgery.
P.S. the movie i was talking about is '六楼后座'. rent the vcd from any rental shop and watch it! it's really really nice =)
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