Wednesday, November 15, 2006

God looked down at Earth from heaven and sent the 100 ugliest people from Earth to Heaven. When everyone reached heaven, he tells everyone that they will have one wish each and God will fulfil them if the wish has the word "ugly", "pretty" or "handsome". The first man wished to be handsome, and it was granted. Second wanted to be pretty and was granted .. the third one wished to be pretty, and the list goes on. Everyone turned from ugly to pretty or handsome.

When it's the last guy's turn, he smiled, giggled and wished,
"I wish everyone here is ugly again".

it's Principles Of Accounts O level Exam in about 2 hours time but i just wasted 30 minutes staring into space instead of studying. OMG. OMG. i hope my POA teacher will turn invisible and tell me the answers beside me later. =D

i was randomly flipping through Shunlai's old POA textbook that day, and learnt something new~
http = hypertext transfer protocol
www = world wide web (i knew this long ago -.- )
Url = Universal Resource Locator
html = hypertext markup language.

Wooooh. now i think shortcuts are great inventions. without the invention of shortcuts, we'll have to type those long words whenever we want to enter a website. And then, my blog url would be:

haha. super longgg sia~~ i dont think anyone will bother to use the internet anymore except Professor Geek.

errr. anyway, what is this computer-related-thingy doing in a POA textbook??

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