Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Found this postcard on my dining tablei think if i dont live in Singapore, i'll be thinner by 10 kg ^^

Mum was in a great mood yesterday, bought a pair of nice glittery high heels and even said she wanted to treat us to a big feast for dinner. well, we walked around Bugis Junction, peering into windows of high-classed restaurants, with daddy exclaiming that those food aren't really our type. haha. it's actually quite true, because that buffet restaurant looks really high high high high classed. hohos. it would cost mum a bomb if we really ate there.

in the end, we settled for seoul garden~

there was a handsome hunk sitting at the table next to us, with his family. awwww~ i kept glancing to that table. oops =X
i seriously dont know why my sister took so much sushi~

A photo of my lovely egg~

Right after i took that photo, my camera lenses went oily, and the next few photos turned out like...... this: it was actually supposed to a photo of burnt meat -.- i think i ate 5kg of Chicken Meat yesterday.
well, the most delicious thing there was this drumlet. i guess it's delicious because it was fried by the Seoul Garden People, not me. LOL.
Melted Icecream:

At my seat, i had the view of this window. while i was eating, i kept wondering what i'll do if Superman flew past. wahahaha.

The oil splattered on my hands. Not only that, it also splattered on my face. YUCK! i'll blame seoul garden if i grow pimples on my face the next day =( when i got home, the first thing i did was kill bacteria with Biore!

I also saw this Christmas Tree from sookee jewellery there. it doesn't have leaves, and is all Crystals and glitters. wow. it must be the most pretty christmas tree i've ever seen.

And as usual,

and the video below is: Wo ke Yi- by Evan


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