Thursday, November 23, 2006

whoooosh. my computer has been down for the whole morning and afternoon, leaving me with nothing to do but just sleep, drink milo and walking around.

alright, i dont have much time to blog about the photos taken yesterday at prom night, but i guess i will finish uploading them by tomorrow :)

afew days back, i was shopping and i saw this really creative piece of dining set. when you are not using the dining table, you can close it like this:

and when you want to eat, you can open it up!
i would never had the brains to think of such a incredible idea. haha. but this kind of furniture can only be bought by lovey-dovey couples living in an apartment all by themselves because there are only two chairs.. after a hard day at work, the guy would prepare a romantic candlenight dinner on this perfect dining table, and after dinner, they will proceed to "you-know-what". wahaha. this is better than the long kind of tables where the couples would have to sit very far from each other, because this is cosy and they can gaze at each other's eyes within a short distance. heees.

alright. stop this mushy stuff.
speaking of dining, we were talking nonsense as usual during dinner that day:

me: yay. O levels over ler~ *grins*
joanne: i hope the aeroplane that carries the O levels papers will get hijacked or something. then all of your papers will be gone, and everyone have to retake O levels!! *evil laughs*
me: ya hor?!!! what if really happen??? i dont want retake!! i forget totally what i've studied before liao! grrr. i hope your PSLE papers get hijacked too.
joanne: mine already mark finish ler lei...... *smiles in glee*
me: grrrrrrrr -.-

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