Thursday, November 30, 2006

The best way to skip lectures in school:

haha. i seriously dont know why i keep laughing at this video:
"They're taking the hobbits to Isengard"

well, i went to Denver, Yikai, & Weidong's birthday chalet last night. Had fun, but nothing worthy to blog about. alright, lets try the 'summary' way of blogging.
took 4 irrevelant photos, but un-bothered to transfer them to this computer. last night was the first time i ate bbq marshmallows :) just as the bbq was about to start, i went to meet kenneth at macdonalds, who didn't tell me he brought about 6 or 7 other friends who i dont know. out of boredom, i went back to the chalet after afew minutes. i think i would very much rather flip hotdogs at the bbq than sit outdoors with a whole crowd of unknown boys, looking at them munching on their french fries and sipping on their coke.

Bored already after just one paragraph?? lucky i dont blog like that everyday. LOL.

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