Thursday, December 31, 2009

X'MAS dinner!

As much as we wanted to have a extravagant romantic candlelight dinner, we didnt have the huge budget for it because afterall, it was almost month end and being the spendthrifts we are, we usually spend almost all our salaries on the first 2 weeks and starve the last 2 weeks of every month (sad).

We decided to have dinner at ClarkeQuay, by the riverside so that it'll still be different from our usual restaurant dinners. When we reached ClarkeQuay and was about to see which restaurant to eat at, the rain came. Hesitated at the shelter for some time before running in the rain with bf.
The rain stopped soon after -.-

Walked from ClarkeQuay to BoatQuay after we didn't find any restaurants to our liking. The stretch of restaurants at BoatQuay is not romantic at all (they sell seafood, zhi char dishes, and not 6course western dinners). However, we got tempted by how near we are to the river and went for the outside seats by the waters.

It was only around 6ish and we were the only customers around. SX drank the red wine, and me, not having the feel to have alcohol, had the mocktail Virgin Sunrise.

We looked down into the waters and there are lots of fishes there! SX was so awed by them. He keep imagining if he have a fishnet there and then, he would surely be able to catch alot home.

The waitress showed us their live crabs and we were tempted by the big claws (is it called claws??). We decided on a messy dinner - yes, chilli crabs. (soooooooo unromantic. lol)

Original price of the crabs are $7 per 100g, which is $70 for a 1kg crab and we had the 1.2kg crab!! Lucky the waitress gave us discount. Their rate is almost twice the market rate lor!

SX wanted sambal kangkong. Their kangkong not nice one.

Seafood beancurd. Not too bad.

Hotplate deermeat.

Guess how much the bill was?? $100++. We could have gone somewhere more romantic to have a western dinner with this amount lor. Haha. The prices here are steeper than outside places cos afterall, it's a tourist attraction location and they want to earn the angmoh's money mah.

And that was how our originally planned romantic western dinner became a normal zhichar meal. Hahaha. But still, eating so near to the river was something different.

After dinner, we walked around and actually wanted to go on the riverboat (13 per pax) to enjoy some breeze, and have shisha ($18) afterwards, but in the end we walked further down and ended up at somewhere more expensive. $60 thai massage. Haha.

The room was dark but i like it this way (better than bright massage rooms). And FML i had to see a female therapist go all over my boyfriend's body. Lucky the girl never luan luan lai. Hmmph.

I told bf that we must go to massage places with male therapists nextime. i want him to see a male therapist go all over my body, for revenge. Lol.

Oh well, of course he dont allow lah.
(so unfair righttttttttttttttt)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Before i went to Genting, i was working with SX when suddenly he asked me to close my eyes because he had something to give me. I heard some plastic bag sounds and he shoved the thing into my hands and said "cockroach". I screamed and thought he placed a cockroach into a plastic bag to scare me.

Opened my eyes and saw a pink cushion which has a picture of PreciousThots' bear on it. Didn't take pictures of it, but i loved the surprise! :)

Then when i came back from Genting, he told me he want a third "baby" apart from Bibi and Bobo, and he's gonna name it Bubu (what a bad name right. lol). I wondered why he suddenly say this, and he surprised me yet again with this little bear :)

I think it looks like a boy but he insisted it is a girl -_-
I think nextime if i really have a male baby he also will insist on letting him wear hellokitty dresses lor. Tsk.

The night we got this bear back, i was hugging it on the train when a little girl came up to me and played my Bubu. Haha. For several stops she just kept smiling at me and playing the bear. She took the bear and sat beside me playing with the bear and kissing it. Then she ran back to her father ( who looks ahbengish and young, and was more than 3 metres away, out of sight because of the crowd stepping into the train), and came back with her own softtoy. Then at this moment, someone came in with a babypram and she went to sayang the baby. Lol. Then she turned her attention back to my bear and continued playing it until i had to leave the train at Cityhall. I took back my bear and said goodbye to her. This girl very daring sia, dare to approach strangers in train!!

Mum ask how come he always give me bears one. First, Bibi. Then Bobo. Then the superbig carebear. Then the bear cushion. Then now Bubu. Lol.

I went to this restaurant with sophia awhile back in May, and never did had a chance to go back there again. Most friends prefer the pontian wanton noodles downstairs instead of indian food.

I was alone at fareastplaza (i forgot what i was waiting for), and so i went to this restaurant again. Eateries at fareastplaza are usually crowded, noisy, and not very nicely furnished, but this one is.

Had the chicken soup again. $3 for such a small bowl but worth it cos it's nice :)

The waiter recommended the prawn masala, so i ordered it with butter prata. Turns out good! Plenty of prawns inside! :D

As usual, they give a scoop of free icecream after every meal. How nice of them.

Afterwards, they brought this thing to my table when i asked for the bill. They said it's actually mints, but i left them untouched cos im too chickened to try it. It looks weird!

I just realised some days back that they have a more casual branch at downtown east as well.

Anyway, after a long hiatus, my blogshop finally updated with a small collection!

This lacy toga dress caught my eye! Such a simple yet pretty piece.

Some other pieces for preview.

There's also a toga dress with golden sequins on the strap area!! Support my blogshop okay!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Food with sx!
Every couple should have a common interest, and ours is FOOOOOOOD. Haha. Luckily we like almost the same type of food.

Walked into CoffeClub one fine morning, hoping to have something different for breakfast.

There aren't many places in Singapore (or places near my house) selling the american breakfast. There is Yakun (the kaya bread shop), there is a bakery, there is beehoon and nasilemak, but i didn't really see people selling bacon and sunnysideups for breakfast before. Imagine how happy i was when i saw the CoffeeClub's breakfast menu.

Sausages, bacon, SUNNYSIDEUPS (yums!), and butter bread!! I love butter.

(okay this one is sx's dish. he prefers scrambled egg. Mine is sunnysideups!!!!)

He had coffee and i had tea. Tea is good. Tea will clear the oil you consume. So nexttime you eat oily food remember to drink a cup of hot tea okay?

:D My house got like 3 boxes of Lipton Tea with 100 teabags inside, EACH. My family must drink lipton tea with sugar every night one. haha.

The ambience was also very nice cos the whole shop only got me and sx (early in the morning mah!), and the place very comfy!

Another day later, we ate at OLD HONG KONG KITCHEN!
We opted for this set menu for 2 pax, $60++ altogether i think. Sx siao one, always spend all his money on food -_-

Roast duck and charsiew. I like roasted duck! You like?

Some dimsum. It came in a bird cage! The waitress took away the top part when she served so i didn't get to take a picture of the bird cage . It looks like real one!

Their dimsum inside all the same one. Except for one which is charsiew, the rest is PRAWN. haha. More than 1 prawn per piece lor! And is not those lousy shrimp leh, is average size yummy prawn! Not a bad thing.

Our tasteless friedrice. Poor sx had to finish it up cos i dont want to eat it anymore after first few mouthfuls. For what make myself fatter with such tasteless food! Not worth the fats! Haha.

Cereal Prawn!

This soup very nice! But i dont know what is that funny looking round thing on top, so i just finished the soup and left that thing there.

After eating, i went over to Milly's to do my nails ( never take picture cos i always do the same light pink colour. nextime when i do acrylic nails again sure will take picture! )

Nuffnang invited us for a movie screening, so i met up with isaac over there and took a cab with jessica and nadia to the Cathay, which is actually only afew metres away from Far East Plaza. We decided on Cab over the Bus, and regretted it halfway. You know why?

Because Bus got buslane, they move faster. Whereas we were stuck inside the cab, INSIDE THE JAM. If we had taken the bus, we would have reached so much earlier! In the end the cabride lasted around 30 minutes if im not wrong, and around $15!!!! That's like the cabfare from orchard to my house lor! QWERTYUIOP.

Luckily, because of xx's proposal, the movie didn't start as early as we thought it would, and we got to watch it in time!! :D:D Wheeee!

The movie was Couple's Retreat. Quite nice the show luh, but it got me abit frightened of marriages. What if mine doesn't work out, just like theirs????!

I hope there is really an island out there like the one featured in the show. If me and my husband got problem, off we go to that little island for some "counselling" by the experts there and presto, we would be in love again. Does this thing even exist??! If it really exists, there wont be anymore divorce cases!

After the movie, i accompanied isaac to Xsquad, ark's shop. Go support his shop alright, it's at #03-11. Oh ya, that's benjamin in the picture. He's almost black now. Lol.

I like isaac's hair colour. I think it looks great on him!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The sorting out, selecting, uploading and copying the html codes part was so tedious im glad im done! *wipes sweat*

I kept kena distracted by the other more interesting reads on the net, im taking forever to complete this post. lol.

Lets start with the start of the journey! Woke up at 4am to catch the coach. (i slept at 2am the previous night!!)

I love the coach that mum has been chosing for the past few times we went to Genting. Personal tv with games and movies. I love it that i can watch at least 3-4 movies that i havent watch. It's a long journey and i dont want to waste my time looking at windows throughout the ride!

I watched the horror movie "Coffin" and i so regret watching it. Got some scary parts i almost wanted to give up watching it halfway but that would be too wasted so i continued on. Plot was okay, except that the speed of the movie was quite draggy. I watched "Look for a star" too, casted by Shuqi and Andy lau. I like the movie!! I love hongkong movies.

On the journey back home i watched another two movies. "My girlfriend is a cyborg", this show is damn nice lor!!! Very touching and i love the story plot. You all must go rent the dvd and watch also.

After that i watched "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". So cute!! The chihuahua's spoilt but naive attitude reminds me of Paris Hilton. heh.

Hey people.
Has been sick after coming back from Genting (must be the constant cold wind there, and my constant praying that i wouldn't get sick until i get back to singapore - it came true, tsk.) thus less energy to sort out my genting pics thus the lack of entries. I'm still at Day3, so i think the pictures wont be done by today. I dont even have time to catch up on "together" on mobtv!! :(

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Friday, December 18, 2009

haha. sorting out the pictures now and will blog about all 4 days of my trip within these couple of days i hope.

Anyway, im currently using HALOSCAN commenting service but they just told us that we have to export all our comments to either their paid service ECHO, or export of another commenting service of our own choice.

I dont know whether i should use ECHO or find other commenting host. I don't mind paying for ECHO if it's as good as HALOSCAN, but they only accept paypal transactions and i dont know how to use paypal! Why can't they have card payments? :(

If i were to export to an outside commenting host, which one should i use? I googled afew but they looked so complicated for me. Any suggestions anyone?

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