Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Am watching this show now!! SO NICE!!!

Daiyangtian's character in this show is damn charming. It's no wonder why all the girls fall for him. So cheeky, yet so protective of girls. Add it with his simple innocence, omg, irresistible.

Was invited to the BodyWorlds exhibition at Science Centre, and brought Mummy along since she was curious about it as well.

There's a rule that you cannot take photographs inside, but we got permission as media to do so :D Here's the trade visitor tag that we had to wear so that the security people inside knew we were allowed to snap pictures.

There were lotsa people staring at us inside as though we broke the rule or something. One of the visitor looked at me for about 3 minutes before coming to tell me in a reprimanding tone, "i dont think you are supposed to take pictures here."

Note: Random visitor, not security guard leh. I wasn't even using flash, my snapping will affect you looking at the exhibits meh?

I replied her "i've got the media pass." She looked at me blanked and then go back to looking at her exhibits. Never even say sorry for reprimanding me sia.

There are several others snapping away at the exhibits as well, and security guards had to keep asking them to stop. Then the visitors who were caught snapping, would look at us and wonder why the guards didn't stop us. I think the trade pass should be glow in the dark so that the visitors would stop staring.

The exhibit started with the start of human life - foetus.

These test tubes showed how the foetus grow from week to week. Yuan lai at the first stage, it's only as big as a red bean lor! So tiny!!

After the test tubes, there are these glass boxes showing size of the baby as it grows right up to the last stage. Here's at the 15th week.

The skin man.

The brain.

Blood vessels of a rabbit.

The male organs. Haha.

Healthy lungs compared with a smoker's lungs. SEE THE VAST DIFFERENCE?!!! It states there that even if you stop smoking at a certain age, although your health might improve, your lungs would still be grey and will not turn back to its original state. So you should not even start smoking at all!

Exhibition ended at old age.

Everything inside is REAL, all donated by people before their deaths.

I dont wanna post too many pics here for the integrity of the exhibition. Go there yourself to have a look! Ends on 6 March 2010.

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