Monday, December 7, 2009

I read the synopsis of the drama series "together 当我们同在一", and was quite saddened by how things are going to turn out.

I loved watching the first few episodes because everything was so simple, and even problems seems easy to solve, with the togetherness and help of everyone.

However, afew episodes afterwards, there would be many problems that are harder to solve, which somehow showed the harshness of reality. It seems like the older you grow, life gets more complicated and difficult. Sometimes things dont turn out the way you thought it would, and you have no choice but to take the another, tougher road.

I like the lyrics of this drama, because it relates directly to how as you grow up, you can own everything but nothing beats the happiness and simplicity of your growing up years.

一条街有多长 年少就多长
我时常都回到 昨天去徜徉
那外面有多大 用笑声去丈量

你背影有多长 思念就多长
我们总是这样 借彼此肩膀

我们总是错过 幸福那一站
拥有了全世界 可是你却看不见

我宁愿重回到那一年 牵着去你看明天
失去了全世界 还有你在我身边

能不能重回到那一年 你的梦 我的歌 蓝的天 叫永远
能不能重回到那一年 你的梦 我的歌 蓝的天 叫永远

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