Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today someone showed me a blog of this 12 year old girl (primary 6), who looks like she is 15 instead. Her dressing is like those secondary school girls you see hanging around neighbourhood shopping centres, + she puts on makeup, and she even have a boyfriend who is in secondary school.

And i realised she uses the words "huan lo" and "tiongxim".

what was i doing when i was in primary6!!!!

If like sec1 or sec2 still can slightly believe lah, but PRIMARY 6?? omg. Im so outdated.

I watched LoveHappens and 2012 quite some time ago but forgot to blog about it.

LOVE HAPPENS IS THE SHITIEST MOVIE I EVER WATCHED. Me and sx walked out on it midway because it was so damn boring. It's so draggy and has no climax point! I thought it would be interesting based on the title and that jennifer aniston was in it. But so disappointed. I think this is the first time i ever walked out on a movie cos even the most boring movie could let me stay throughout at least. This one is more boring than boring!

2012 is average. SX fell asleep i think, cos the start was quite draggy. However if you are patient and catched onto something at the start, the show is actually quite nice. I liked several parts of the show as well. I was so excited and worried for each character at each scene but sx dont understand anything. Haha.

Anyway the MySecretRose space at far east plaza (bestofblogshops fareast #04-145) has updated with some new apparels, and also this fabulous sequin UK bag!! Specially imported from overseas, and ONLY ONE PIECE.

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