Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My first kiss in my entire life...
was definitely as a baby.
Im sure my mum had grabbed my little body and kissed me. Haha.

My first kiss to a boy...
was quite a long time ago.
(i shall not talk about it here in case bf gets upset)

But of course,
The best and sweetest kiss now is definitely from sx. *blushes*

My first cheek kiss with SX...
Was below my home.
Was wet, because sx was trying to make me annoyed. Haha.

My first lip kiss with SX...
was in a cab.
was sudden and unexpected.
was a minute before i had to alight.
was a magical peck and made me blush.
was soft and loving.
was like a fairytale. Like the taxidriver had disappeared. Like there are only the 2 of us left in the world.

I remembered feeling dizzy and sweet inside throughout the night even after he left for home.
Kisses are always interesting because you suddenly feel very close connection to that person as your lips touch.

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