Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sorry about the lacklustre blogging recently! Haha I've been so obsessed with Mobtv. I think you all should sign up. It's so cheap lor, somemore now got promotion, only $20 for 3 months! Can watch so many shows. I'm already till the 13th episode of "together". Heh.

Anyway, I'll be away at Genting next week, from tuesday to friday. That means 4 days or more of not blogging. On monday before i leave, i'll be publishing a series of sponsored advertorials, which will stay as top entry for 4 days. If you want to take this chance to make your advert seen and be exposed for more than 1 day, you can email me for the rates! Money money money come come ^^

Here's some pictures :)

I dont know if the lego charity is still on. I'm excited to see the outcome!

This was at Ion.

That time was only half done. I wonder how much is completed already.

Tied up my hair because i was going to a friend's chalet. Hee, put down hair or tie up nicer?

Went for dinner with my sister some time back. Had actually wanted to have fish head curry but in the end when we reached the shop say "zhi char" timing havent start, thus we went to walk around to see what else we could eat. Sis wanted steamboat, thus we ended up eating steamboat! Got one staff inside very nice, give me discount!! Haha. In the end he asked another staff to let me fill up the feedback form. After i left, he msged me -.- (Steal my number from the form!!!!! Cunning hor. )

Being the lovely girlfriend i am, i told him not to msg me anymore because my boyfriend wont be happy.

I was in messy tied up hair and spectacles, plus i was wearing working tee with jeans and my makeup also drop quite abit already leh! I think that guy's taste got problem. Haha.

Anyways, the food also not very nice. Soup not nice lei. Sis complain stingray no taste. Haha. But the bbq chicken wings are nice!

Live prawns and crabs. Main drawing point of this steamboat place. It's at novena.

Sis ate sushi.

BBQ prawns.

Marshmallow with chocolate!

Had dinner with sx at another chicken rice place at novena too! Square2 i think. Forgot the shop name already. The chicken riceball was nice the first time i went, but 2nd time was bad :(


Next entry would most likely be about my two prawning experiences! If you want to know the difference between prawning at two different places, do come back okay! :D

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