Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Joyful May

I started blogging in May 2006.

5 years later, May 2011, I'm going to have a daily giveaway for my readers, every single day of the month~!

Each item will be given to the first commentor of the day. Nothing much, but here's a little preview.. items include Iphone covers, passport holders, fake nails, skin care products, hair products, etc.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Bold vs Floral



Lovely lavendar dress with bareback -

Studio Light:

White Floral dress - ClubCouture

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Okay, I realised that I don't really share much of my personal life on this blog anymore unlike how I did when I first started blogging.

Well, blame twitter. I instant update everything there then no need update here liao mah!

BUT, today I decided to share some of the tweets that sums up the 'highlights' of the thoughts in my mind for the past one week! And because this is a blog and not my twitter account, I'll elaborate beyond 140 words ok. I TRY.

Lets start from the latest! All these not including the "i'm so bored", "i'm so busy", "eating now om nom nom" kind of tweets! Hahaha.

Best to read from bottom cos some of the tweets are linked!

26 Apr

After work:

Wah cab uncle show me his earnings for today, $157 not includin me. Minus rental, the pay is quite gd, considering the freedom n short hrs!
-- Sometimes I think I want to be cab driver. Can meet up with friends for dinner any time I want, can wake up any time I want! The cab driver told me that can earn alot one. Those who complain can't earn enough to cover rental are BLUFFING!

I think this cab is suay cab. Cos I also stuck in jam now!!
-- Tweeted earlier that the cab told me stories about his passengers having to pay alot because of traffic jam. And there I am, in a traffic jam listening to his stories about traffic jam!

Wah cab telling me about a passenger who took from Tuas to Changi, $80+ fare cos of traffic jam!!
-- If is me I sure damn heartpain!!!!! Somemore the passenger was just visiting his wife there, not to catch a flight at changi airport or something lor! The jam was 5pm - 8pm. Super waste time waste $!! Suay MAX MAX. Really first time heard of such a ridiculous cab fare amount.


Why does this cab have an overdose of metal smell? It's so overwhelming I feel like puking!
-- Really! It's intolerable! I didn't dare to breathe but I had to. *Kelian*

25 Apr
So hungry today that I ate chicken rice add duck add roast pork add egg for lunch. Lol.
-- Yes I really ate that much! $6 altogether hahaha. And I also added a Teh-O-Peng. And I bought a cup of coffee back to the coffee after that. Conquer Mondays!!!

24 Apr
Whole family having fun with Talking Carl. Lol.
-- Mum bought Iphone! Very fun. LOVE THE GAMES. Can't play those games on my blackberry. :(

Tomorrow is Monday. VERY SAD.
-- My monday blues start as early as sunday mornings. Just ask SX. Halfway through our dates I'd suddenly grumble "tomorrow is monday *depressed face* " Lol.

If only vacuum cleaners belt out popular pop songs instead of zzzzzzz, it'd be a slightly more enjoyable housework.
-- I hate vacuuming!!!!!!! Housechores are HORRIBLE.

18 Apr
Bf sms me: "U last week total up neglected me for 6days and 14hrs and few mins." WHERE GOT SO KUAZHANG LOL.
-- I was very busy recently and he kept saying I don't care him liao -_- Sigh, wish I had more time!

17 Apr
My left eye very itchy.
-- Yep. Eye was itchy. And it kept jumping for a total of 1 and a half day afew days later. I didn't know if it's good sign or bad omen but I bought lottery to try my luck. Didn't win.

Today I drink a lot water. Hope tmr my gum not pain anymore.
-- The back of my teeth, the gum is swollen and damn painful, I can't close my mouth properly. Until now still pain. Sobs.

But nevermind la, bf won this mouthwash in thenewpaper scratch n win promo. Lol.
-- Almost won $388 lor. But never. Tsk.

Never win 4D :< :<
-- I've never won 4D before. WHY.

Super suay! Person sitting behind me in the cinema kept burping!!!! Smelly max!
-- Damn disgusting!!!! It's worse than farting in my opinion, especially when the food you ate before that is stinky! Plus, please keep quiet or face elsewhere when you really need to burp. Don't keep "ERRRRRD" so many times like very shuang lydat plus so loud and at the back of my hair. Eww.

16 Apr
3 more weeks to next pay and I'm already so poor. Sobs sobs.
-- The school fee loan is really no joke. If things had been different and I do not earn abit pocket money from blogging now, I confirm don't have the money to go university lor.

The skin around my eyes look horrendous. Super dry, broken, humpy, rotten.
-- Yep, damn kelian. I'm so busy and tired every day that I very lazy to do proper skincare. Alot pimples now!

15 Apr
Read the study guide of this particular module for my degree I'm taking now & realised that it is TOTALLY what I learnt in poly diploma o_o

More at:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Star Awards 2011

Star Awards 2011

I've always liked local dramas since I was a kid, and I love watching Star Awards. I don't know why, I just do.

As I grow up, I watch lesser tv and more internet. However, the love is still there :)

Very fun to watch the expression of the nominees when results is out on whether they win/lose. I'm sure they feel very conscious plus if they feel disappointed they still need to act happy. It's such a difficult thing to do! Then for those who win, they have to look surprise without looking fake!

I am very happy that "Breakout" won best drama. I admit that I didn't like it when I first watched an episode of it. But it ended up leading me to watch all the episodes. Not many shows can make me spend time watching from first to last episode, much less make me want to watch the next episode as soon as I finish one. And this drama made me did those. I felt that the storyline is very unique and different from our usual family dramas.

I was hoping that Jeanette Aw would win the female lead title this year but she didn't :( I felt that she did a good job in acting Yang Nian Qing and I love the character she played. Very cool! Especially the part where she slurred her tongue and spoke in that voice haha. The nominee 'trailer' that was shown on the awards show didn't show her best clip. I think mediacorp is trying to push her to do better lor, and it's definitely working.

Anyway, award went to Rui En. Very pretty that night!

I realise that alot of the mediacorp female artiste super chio.

And. Elwin damn cute. And very surprised that Dai Yang Tian didn't win Top 10 popular male artiste.

For the rest of the titles, I think those who won deserved it :) Except for some of the top10 male artiste.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Love these pics!

Love these pics taken at HEYTHELOVE shoot! Which is your fave?

The clothes are available at their latest collection if you like them :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Custom your own accessories!


Guess what arrived in the mail!! Pretty packages of my new customized accessories from Damsels Most Wanted. The accessories were packed safely in these boxes, ensuring that my precious items won't get crushed during postage.

DamselsMostWanted recently launched their D-I-Y custom service and made many different forms of it for me!

I got 3 necklaces and 3 rings for myself.

Anything can be made into a Ring and/or Pendant-Necklace! You may want to use your name, photos, phrases, or images from the internet! Basically, you can make ANY image you want, only limiting to one's creativity and the ring/pendant size.

You can get them to design for you, or just send them pictures like I did!

I input my own picture into the ring haha!

There is a page on their website dedicated to this type of Customizations. Find more info:

And because YOU are the one designing the ring/pendant, it'll be the ONE AND ONLY in the world. You won't see anyone else wearing the same accessory as you. In Singapore currently, DMW is the only one making these ring/pendants in such a high volume and opening for customizations.

The customization process was really fun and easy. Not troublesome at all! Just submit your desired image and tell them if you have any specific instructions, then they'll send you a sample before creating the item!

The ring band and the round/square frame are welded together, not glued together. Also, silver color rings are platina-plated/sterling silver thus it will not rust or change color for a long time. They then finish all rings with a jewelry-grade wax polish. This ensures the quality of your accessory!

Artwork will be hand-sealed by them into the ring/pendant frame by layers of protective coat and resin. Lead time will be around 1 to 2 weeks.

They also made one more Rilakkuma pendant in brass. These pendants are interchangeable with different chains, and it's very easy to do so! You can jsut customize pendants if you already have your own chains, or you can get 2-3 pendant designs + 1 chain!

My Rilakkuma wearing Rilakkuma necklace! Hehe. So cute!

They have different kinds and lengths for chain.

I got an idea! Mother's Day is coming and you are racking your brains on what to get for your mum? Maybe you can customise a rose ring? Or maybe a necklace with "I Love Mum" or her picture!

*Quote IceAngel2011 for a $2 discount per customization order! This discount will end 2 weeks after today :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011



It's now 10:37PM and I decided to blog about food today. I've not been blogging about food for quite some time already right!

Ok. First Dish: Aston's Chargrill Chicken.
Went to shop at TheBlogShop before heading over to have dinner with Jacelyn and Nadia at Paya Lebar! This Aston is in a food court, so that price is super cheap! Like $6+ only. Includes two sides, with a wide variety to choose from.


I love seafood!!!
I'm so glad that I'm not allergic to them. I love lobsters crabs prawns scallops etc etc but I hate oysters clams mussels etc etc. So I think I'm a half-seafood lover.

I was having zhichar with bf that other day and I had a craving for salted egg yolk prawn but we didn't order, so I tweeted to ask who want to eat it with me hahaha. Cindy bbm me say she bought coupon for Seafood Paradise, $25 for $50 worth of food!

So I was like, Great!!
And we fixed a day to go Seafood Paradise at Singapore Flyer. Previously I went there with her, Elise, Jacelyn and Brad for chilli crab too.

And we had....
Salted egg yolk prawn. Very happy cos got 6 pieces and only we two eating, so I can eat 3!!! *beams*

Homemade beancurd with seafood bits.
It came with a flame at the bottom so it was hot and really nice! Me and Cindy both love tofu! I seldom know people who like Tofu. Everyone around me say very bland but I think hen hao chi. But I hate those round egg beancurd - and alot of people like them. Why you all so weird de!!! Hahahah.

And then, THE STAR OF THE NIGHT: White Pepper Crab.
My fave crab flavour is White Pepper! You all must go try. So much better than black pepper and chilli crab, where the star is the sauce. In white pepper crab, it complements the crab's yummy taste.

Look at our 1.2KG crab! Look at the claw! Big right!

Crabs must eat big ones because small ones not shiok dee!

The bill came to be quite expensive but worth it lah! Next time must find one more friend to share the bill, but must be those that don't eat much one :p

If I got crab sponsor jiu hao!! :p

And then, pics from yesterday!

Me and my family went to Vivo because my mum want to buy new phone (she bought Iphone in the end! Yay I'm so going to "help her" download talkingcarl and the coin dozer game! Also, I played fruit ninja in the store and very fun! Too bad my blackberry don't have many fun games)

We had curry with bread for breakfast, then we had dimsum at Fortunate Restaurant inside Food Republic.

Nothing much to say. PICCIES!

What's your fave dimsum dish?

After that, we went to Earle Swensens for icecream.

Dad wanted the Earthquake.

Mummy happy cos we said "iphone" before pressing the camera trigger. Before that her smile not so happy. Hahahah.

Walked around abit, and then we had Pizza Hut for dinner at Harbourfront centre.

The spicy seafood parchment is so yummy I forgot to take picture until it's almost all gone!

Dress of the day: Clubcouture
Bag & Belt: TheBlogShop