Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Star Awards 2011

Star Awards 2011

I've always liked local dramas since I was a kid, and I love watching Star Awards. I don't know why, I just do.

As I grow up, I watch lesser tv and more internet. However, the love is still there :)

Very fun to watch the expression of the nominees when results is out on whether they win/lose. I'm sure they feel very conscious plus if they feel disappointed they still need to act happy. It's such a difficult thing to do! Then for those who win, they have to look surprise without looking fake!

I am very happy that "Breakout" won best drama. I admit that I didn't like it when I first watched an episode of it. But it ended up leading me to watch all the episodes. Not many shows can make me spend time watching from first to last episode, much less make me want to watch the next episode as soon as I finish one. And this drama made me did those. I felt that the storyline is very unique and different from our usual family dramas.

I was hoping that Jeanette Aw would win the female lead title this year but she didn't :( I felt that she did a good job in acting Yang Nian Qing and I love the character she played. Very cool! Especially the part where she slurred her tongue and spoke in that voice haha. The nominee 'trailer' that was shown on the awards show didn't show her best clip. I think mediacorp is trying to push her to do better lor, and it's definitely working.

Anyway, award went to Rui En. Very pretty that night!

I realise that alot of the mediacorp female artiste super chio.

And. Elwin damn cute. And very surprised that Dai Yang Tian didn't win Top 10 popular male artiste.

For the rest of the titles, I think those who won deserved it :) Except for some of the top10 male artiste.

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