Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've done many videos before but never really tried doing a real vlog, the type where you talk directly to the camera. So afew days ago I tried to do my first Vlog and FAILED. Miserably.

I wanted to do a nail art tutorial, and it was going to be easter-inspired nails since this weekend is easter day.

In the end... My nail art failed!!! Terribly bad at applying manicure on my own fingers.

But still, it'll be a waste if I don't post up the video, so I complied some clips.

Er, the video is quite boring lah, and towards the end it's quite abrupt cos it was already past midnight by then and I was very pekchek about the messy manicure and wanted to just end it and go sleep lol.

*sorry for the sound at the background... is because my fan blowing!


Really is a no-point video. Haha!

(Lovely pastel colored top and bottom from

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