Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Giveaway - Philips Headphones!

I'm super bad at taking bus to places I'm not familiar with. I always miss count even if I went to check how many stops. Then I'd never be able to recognise which stop to drop off at because I don't even know how the place look like.

I went down one bus-stop earlier than I was supposed to cos I very kanchiong. FML.
I had to walk alongside this quiet stretch of road alone.

The stretch from the previous bus stop is very long lor!!!

I walked a long way before I finally reached the cosy cafe where all the other bloggers already reached. *paisei!!

With yummy food and the best orange juice I ever drank, I looked on with interest as Philips showed us their wide range of headphones and earphones targeting the youth market (yes, you!).

Look at this comic box! Eye-catching hor?

So many pop colours to choose from! Fidelis and me were like "waaahh", "wooohhhh", "I like this oneeeeeeeee".... Too bad they don't sell it in this comic strip packaging haha.

And look at this waterproof earphone!!!! You can wash it under running water. Are you the suay kind that will sometimes don't know why drop your wires in mud? Gosh, this one is perfect for you!! Haha, you don't have to worry about dirty earphone anymore ^^

Star of the night was something else though....

We all got this headphone with color of our choice! Me and Fidelis coincidentally chose the same colour hehe. This colour damn nice! There was no pink though, and when I asked why, Philips told us that Pink is not very popular in Europe and western countries. WHATTTTTTT, I think pink is the most popular color among girls in Singapore!!! Just look at the percentage of female bloggers with pink websites - definitely 80% and up!

The one that Randy is wearing has flat wires that cannot be tangled no matter how you throw it into your bag. Suitable for me!!

Me with the babes - Peggy Chang, Beatrice and Fidelis :)

They also gave me a scarf and earring (so nice!) so I went home and camwhored with the headphone!

Check out the padding. Doesn't it look as comfortable as your couch??

It can be easily twisted so that you can put it into your bag properly, instead of retaining the bulky shape of a normal headphone.

Cool right? They have it in 3 other colours.

It also has the noise isolation effect. When I put on these headphones, even without music ringing in my ears, the sound from outside really got blocked.

Besides asthestics, of course it does have a great sound technology too!

Check it out at the nearest Philips store~!!

Also, I'm having a Philips Headphone Giveaway for my readers!

Just leave a comment with the number of Philips headphones (not earphones!) you see in this entry, your name and email address. Tell me why you want a Philips Headphone and I'll randomly pick one of you to win!


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