Tuesday, April 12, 2011

E-awards pictures

Did you watch the video footage I captured of the E-awards in my previous entry?

Here are the pics! I brought my sis along when my boss couldn't make it.

My leopardprints + ribbons dress from TheBlogShop. Anyway, they have a studio rental service now! Check out their website:


Had fun "cracking" the lightsticks cos we had nothing to do while waiting.....

Huang Jing Lun! I think he's damn funny and cute and real. I like!

When he was demonstrating the dance moves for Derrick's song, he rejected Derrick's offer to sing the song for him while he dance because "later the 'pai zi' not same" lol!

And it was Derrick Hoh's turn. He sang the whole song while holding a fangirl's hand. +use her hand to touch his heart +hug + kissed her hand. Wah, if Jerry Yan or Aaron Yan did that to me I think I will faint!!!!! And I think I confirm kena throw stone by thousands of other girls out there! :p

Namcha from Thailand.


Anthony Neely.
I like his "San Chang De Yong Bao" song.

Lollipop F!!!! Such a pity that they are not together with the other 2 anymore. I LOVED THEM after watching "Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo".

Kit Chan.

Xiao Gui. Sad he never sing "Bu Xue". I super like that song!


And finally, Ella!

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