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Okay, I realised that I don't really share much of my personal life on this blog anymore unlike how I did when I first started blogging.

Well, blame twitter. I instant update everything there then no need update here liao mah!

BUT, today I decided to share some of the tweets that sums up the 'highlights' of the thoughts in my mind for the past one week! And because this is a blog and not my twitter account, I'll elaborate beyond 140 words ok. I TRY.

Lets start from the latest! All these not including the "i'm so bored", "i'm so busy", "eating now om nom nom" kind of tweets! Hahaha.

Best to read from bottom cos some of the tweets are linked!

26 Apr

After work:

Wah cab uncle show me his earnings for today, $157 not includin me. Minus rental, the pay is quite gd, considering the freedom n short hrs!
-- Sometimes I think I want to be cab driver. Can meet up with friends for dinner any time I want, can wake up any time I want! The cab driver told me that can earn alot one. Those who complain can't earn enough to cover rental are BLUFFING!

I think this cab is suay cab. Cos I also stuck in jam now!!
-- Tweeted earlier that the cab told me stories about his passengers having to pay alot because of traffic jam. And there I am, in a traffic jam listening to his stories about traffic jam!

Wah cab telling me about a passenger who took from Tuas to Changi, $80+ fare cos of traffic jam!!
-- If is me I sure damn heartpain!!!!! Somemore the passenger was just visiting his wife there, not to catch a flight at changi airport or something lor! The jam was 5pm - 8pm. Super waste time waste $!! Suay MAX MAX. Really first time heard of such a ridiculous cab fare amount.


Why does this cab have an overdose of metal smell? It's so overwhelming I feel like puking!
-- Really! It's intolerable! I didn't dare to breathe but I had to. *Kelian*

25 Apr
So hungry today that I ate chicken rice add duck add roast pork add egg for lunch. Lol.
-- Yes I really ate that much! $6 altogether hahaha. And I also added a Teh-O-Peng. And I bought a cup of coffee back to the coffee after that. Conquer Mondays!!!

24 Apr
Whole family having fun with Talking Carl. Lol.
-- Mum bought Iphone! Very fun. LOVE THE GAMES. Can't play those games on my blackberry. :(

Tomorrow is Monday. VERY SAD.
-- My monday blues start as early as sunday mornings. Just ask SX. Halfway through our dates I'd suddenly grumble "tomorrow is monday *depressed face* " Lol.

If only vacuum cleaners belt out popular pop songs instead of zzzzzzz, it'd be a slightly more enjoyable housework.
-- I hate vacuuming!!!!!!! Housechores are HORRIBLE.

18 Apr
Bf sms me: "U last week total up neglected me for 6days and 14hrs and few mins." WHERE GOT SO KUAZHANG LOL.
-- I was very busy recently and he kept saying I don't care him liao -_- Sigh, wish I had more time!

17 Apr
My left eye very itchy.
-- Yep. Eye was itchy. And it kept jumping for a total of 1 and a half day afew days later. I didn't know if it's good sign or bad omen but I bought lottery to try my luck. Didn't win.

Today I drink a lot water. Hope tmr my gum not pain anymore.
-- The back of my teeth, the gum is swollen and damn painful, I can't close my mouth properly. Until now still pain. Sobs.

But nevermind la, bf won this mouthwash in thenewpaper scratch n win promo. Lol.
-- Almost won $388 lor. But never. Tsk.

Never win 4D :< :<
-- I've never won 4D before. WHY.

Super suay! Person sitting behind me in the cinema kept burping!!!! Smelly max!
-- Damn disgusting!!!! It's worse than farting in my opinion, especially when the food you ate before that is stinky! Plus, please keep quiet or face elsewhere when you really need to burp. Don't keep "ERRRRRD" so many times like very shuang lydat plus so loud and at the back of my hair. Eww.

16 Apr
3 more weeks to next pay and I'm already so poor. Sobs sobs.
-- The school fee loan is really no joke. If things had been different and I do not earn abit pocket money from blogging now, I confirm don't have the money to go university lor.

The skin around my eyes look horrendous. Super dry, broken, humpy, rotten.
-- Yep, damn kelian. I'm so busy and tired every day that I very lazy to do proper skincare. Alot pimples now!

15 Apr
Read the study guide of this particular module for my degree I'm taking now & realised that it is TOTALLY what I learnt in poly diploma o_o

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