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It's now 10:37PM and I decided to blog about food today. I've not been blogging about food for quite some time already right!

Ok. First Dish: Aston's Chargrill Chicken.
Went to shop at TheBlogShop before heading over to have dinner with Jacelyn and Nadia at Paya Lebar! This Aston is in a food court, so that price is super cheap! Like $6+ only. Includes two sides, with a wide variety to choose from.


I love seafood!!!
I'm so glad that I'm not allergic to them. I love lobsters crabs prawns scallops etc etc but I hate oysters clams mussels etc etc. So I think I'm a half-seafood lover.

I was having zhichar with bf that other day and I had a craving for salted egg yolk prawn but we didn't order, so I tweeted to ask who want to eat it with me hahaha. Cindy bbm me say she bought coupon for Seafood Paradise, $25 for $50 worth of food!

So I was like, Great!!
And we fixed a day to go Seafood Paradise at Singapore Flyer. Previously I went there with her, Elise, Jacelyn and Brad for chilli crab too.

And we had....
Salted egg yolk prawn. Very happy cos got 6 pieces and only we two eating, so I can eat 3!!! *beams*

Homemade beancurd with seafood bits.
It came with a flame at the bottom so it was hot and really nice! Me and Cindy both love tofu! I seldom know people who like Tofu. Everyone around me say very bland but I think hen hao chi. But I hate those round egg beancurd - and alot of people like them. Why you all so weird de!!! Hahahah.

And then, THE STAR OF THE NIGHT: White Pepper Crab.
My fave crab flavour is White Pepper! You all must go try. So much better than black pepper and chilli crab, where the star is the sauce. In white pepper crab, it complements the crab's yummy taste.

Look at our 1.2KG crab! Look at the claw! Big right!

Crabs must eat big ones because small ones not shiok dee!

The bill came to be quite expensive but worth it lah! Next time must find one more friend to share the bill, but must be those that don't eat much one :p

If I got crab sponsor jiu hao!! :p

And then, pics from yesterday!

Me and my family went to Vivo because my mum want to buy new phone (she bought Iphone in the end! Yay I'm so going to "help her" download talkingcarl and the coin dozer game! Also, I played fruit ninja in the store and very fun! Too bad my blackberry don't have many fun games)

We had curry with bread for breakfast, then we had dimsum at Fortunate Restaurant inside Food Republic.

Nothing much to say. PICCIES!

What's your fave dimsum dish?

After that, we went to Earle Swensens for icecream.

Dad wanted the Earthquake.

Mummy happy cos we said "iphone" before pressing the camera trigger. Before that her smile not so happy. Hahahah.

Walked around abit, and then we had Pizza Hut for dinner at Harbourfront centre.

The spicy seafood parchment is so yummy I forgot to take picture until it's almost all gone!

Dress of the day: Clubcouture
Bag & Belt: TheBlogShop

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