Saturday, April 16, 2011


Bf suggested to go to the Zoo (cos he miss his brother pig. & probably the baboons too) and so we went!


Me and him both live in the east but that morning I had to visit the cemetery for my grandparents so I was somewhere near the west. Initial plan was for me to meet him at his house and take the bus to the zoo together. But when I went to check and realise how long it'll take me, I immediately went "siao ah, meet you directly at the zoo!" Hahaha.

Anyway, we woke up like damn early that day so we were super sleepy by the time we met at noon!! What a day to be going to the zoo lol.

SX acting cool~~

Look at the bag he's carrying! I bought it from the 'Ganbatte Japan' charity drive just the day before cos I don't have other more suitable bags to go zoo haha. And this is the ONLY bag that he is willing to carry for me.

Touristy pic of SX and the kangeroos...

Both of us were looking forward to the Kidzworld cos we wanted to fit goats and pigs but now no more already :(

The donkey's white fur makes him look like he's wearing diapers hor?? Haha!

Giant rabbits! So fat!


Both of us laughed when we saw this signboard and immediately asked, "who's candy?"


By the way.... Rosie and Candy are horses -_- And they live in stables separated by walls. I wonder how Rosie get to bully Candy.

These are the little ponies~ They are more xingfu, can least they can see and touch their neighbours!

This is a chio leopard cat. Damn nice the fur!

We went to watch the elephant show.... Quite boring eh.

So sad lor, we couldn't see polar bears, penguins (super cute!!!) and the sealion show cos it's close for renovation.

Anyway, I now then know that these reptiles can gobble human at one go. And I always thought they are harmless when I spot them in ulu pathways...... The next time I see one I'm gonna RUN.

We are exhausted so we went to rest!

My top, my belt and my shorts all from!

This photo was taken on top of an elephant!!!!!!!

It's the first time I rode on an elephant!!! $8 per pax for a 1 minute ride though..... One small round only!

Different expressions of SX.... Frowny SX.

Happy SX.

Normal SX.

Normal SX with a twist.

And me!

Tomorrow I'm going to post up our video to the zoo. Can see what SX is really like behind those act-cool pics!

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