Monday, January 31, 2011

Drinking milk?

Drinking Milk!


Guess what brand of packet milk am I drinking?

It's a film camera from Filmsnapsnap! So cute right? These packet drink camera takes real pictures! Many other 'flavours' available too hehe.

Here are some pictures I took and developed. Love the effect!

They also have other cute cameras too! Like this lego digital camera:

Valentines day is coming. If your gf/bf loves photography, consider one of these cute and creative cameras?

Filmsnapsnap is having a promotion. The milk camera featured in this post is selling at only $35! Super affordable loh! Sure to bring a smile to your friends face.

Thirsty already?
Head over to ~!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feminine cute



HeyTheLove has launched new collection just after a week! I think this collection lies on more feminine and cute.

Here are some of my faves!

Many more designs available. Have a look at

Remember to join mailing list!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nails for CNY!

Drew this while planning for my CNY nails!

I did gel extensions at Millys again!

This time Gina wasn't free so I had Jenny to do my nails for me. She's fast! Me likes!

Fiona came to do gel extensions too.

So much better to have a friend beside to chat with!

Yes, I'm going for colourful theme this time!

I was damn troublesome lol. They even taught Fiona to say me troublesome in vietnam words.

Fiona's final nails! She was very satisfied with her manicurist! This time both of us chose designs very suitable to our character.

She asked her manicurist to design herself and she did a good job!

And this is mine! Love my ribbons ^^

Right side:

Left side:

This few days at work meetings I kept getting exclaimations about my nails hehehe.

Me love my nails!

Visit for more information and appointment details!

If you like the ribbon romper that I was wearing in this post, you can buy it from ClubCouture! I love it lots!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A bags heaven


Tian Fen Lan

Everyone's favourite bag blogshop.

The thing that amaze me most about this blogshop is actually the owner. It's seldom that I meet blogshop owners with the amount of passion she has. I can see that she really does put in alot of effort in TianFenLan and I think that this is enough reason to get the love and support from me and many other bloggers.

And so, TianFenLan has advanced tremendously since the first time I did an advertorial for them. All thanks to your support!

The new launch was great.
2 new self-manufactured bags in two different colours each that I'm sure will be very popular! Material is of good quality and better than the usual bags you buy online.

Besides bags, they also tried their hands on a pair of pretty booties and dress!

Me likes this! Comes in black as well!

Specially for CNY:

From 24 Jan - 02 Feb, parcel posting will be done daily from Mon-Fri, so that you can receive your parcels in time for CNY!

Next-day courier delivery is available from Mon-Sun 2-10pm, at an extra S$3.50 for 1 item or S$4.65 for 2 items!

Much love!

Also, check out the new web layout. Definitely much neater and nicer.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Surprise Bday Celebration

Surprise Birthday Celebration

It was all planned via BBM. Haha. Jacelyn's boyfriend suggested giving her a surprise, and she was clueless about it because she had no idea he had me and Nadia on his BBM list!

And so.... It was a success!

Jacelyn's boyfriend made reservations for a table in Ma Maison. Lovely restaurant with an ambience I like. 2nd time here!

We were all waiting for Jacelyn & her bf.
Nadia and Sabrina listening to Fidelis saying something.

Jacelyn's bf buzzed came in and we all got ready.
Look at the 3 girls hiding behind menus. So cute! + got paparazzi camera de!

His "one minute more" became like "at least more than 5 minutes" hahaha.

Waiting waiting~~

Tada! They are here! We captured a video but it's with Nadia.

Escargots. I don't eat Snails!! It reminds me of those laying at the stretch of pathway below my block.

Assorted sausages. I missed the chilli sausages at Barracks :(

Birthday girl pasta.

Heard their beef omu rice nice.

This was the mushroom cream version. Vegetarian de!

I had chicken garlic steak. It's flavourless at first but the more I eat the nicer it becomes. Love the sauce, the taste is just right. Enjoyed my chicken!

Group picture of the girls ^^

& a picture with the birthday girl :)

Don't you think Fidelis looked even sweeter with her long hair extensions from Millys?!~ But I still not used to it! I've been seeing a short hair Fidelis ever since I got to know her.

Chocolate cake!

Make a wish~ Make a wish~ (in tune with the song from F4 hahaha)

I bought the cake from Barcook. Fidelis said it taste great but I think it was too sweet and the chocolate tasted like ferrero rocher. I prefer rich & thick chocolate!

This cute key is what we have to give to the cashier when paying.

Picture with Fidelis.

Lovingly clothed by TheBlogShop!

Me likes Nadia's dress!

Sab Sab!

Brownie & Reddie.

Alright, ending here. Lots of friends bday this few weeks. Tomorrow I'm going to Ben's birthday party and then Nadia's coming right after CNY. Lots of Joy!