Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CNY goodies!

Yesterday SX and me went to Chinatown to buy CNY goodies!

He brought me to this old hawker centre that has so many choices to choose from!! I walked like 3 rounds but still couldn't decide on what to eat. Haha. Ended up with Fried Dong Fen.

Lol. SX say I come so far should eat something more special, end up I chose such a common food that can be found anywhere else.

I love such hawker centres but they are really rare nowadays... :(

Just a disclaimer, SX IS NOT A NS BOY okay. Hahaha. He's only wearing the uniform out because he had to go back to book don't know what. He totally regretted not changing out of it cos it was super warm at chinatown!

We wanted to buy Lim Chee Guan bakkwa cos everyone is exclaiming how good it is and we were shocked at first how come got no queue at all, then realise chey, sold out. No wonder lah, we where got so lucky one.

No choice, in the end we bought Bee Cheng Hiang. Good also lah!

CNY deco~

Lots of cny snacks!

I went to SX house to give his parents my cny gifts first before he came over to my house. My parents weren't home yet so we watched TV while waiting!

Outfit of the day:
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