Friday, January 28, 2011

A bags heaven


Tian Fen Lan

Everyone's favourite bag blogshop.

The thing that amaze me most about this blogshop is actually the owner. It's seldom that I meet blogshop owners with the amount of passion she has. I can see that she really does put in alot of effort in TianFenLan and I think that this is enough reason to get the love and support from me and many other bloggers.

And so, TianFenLan has advanced tremendously since the first time I did an advertorial for them. All thanks to your support!

The new launch was great.
2 new self-manufactured bags in two different colours each that I'm sure will be very popular! Material is of good quality and better than the usual bags you buy online.

Besides bags, they also tried their hands on a pair of pretty booties and dress!

Me likes this! Comes in black as well!

Specially for CNY:

From 24 Jan - 02 Feb, parcel posting will be done daily from Mon-Fri, so that you can receive your parcels in time for CNY!

Next-day courier delivery is available from Mon-Sun 2-10pm, at an extra S$3.50 for 1 item or S$4.65 for 2 items!

Much love!

Also, check out the new web layout. Definitely much neater and nicer.

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