Monday, January 24, 2011

Did you know? Want to know?

My weekend was packed to the brim.

Saturday morning I had to wake up early to work half day and after that I rushed to classes, and then right after that I met up with the girls to give a birthday surprise for Jacelyn. It was a success! Ideas all credited to her sweet boyfriend :D Will blog about the dinner soon, it's a nice place!

And then on Sunday, I had to go for an early photoshoot (which I'd let you in on the pictures soon too), rushed to classes again and after that I went to do CNY nails at Millys! Damn nice my nails now!! You all confirm like one!

So anyway, it meant that I had went through 2 full days of activities and today was back to work!! Hectic! I felt that I hadn't had a very good night sleep for a long time. Today after work I had classes again and tomorrow after work I'd be shopping for CNY goods with bf and then on wednesday I have to vacume the floor for my mum when I get home from work. And then on Thursday after work I'm meeting up my study group to do some dued assignments. Friday I'm attending a friend's bday celebration. Saturday I'm going shopping with Fiona to get CNY shoes and I want to get some jeans too! Then on Sunday afternoon I have the Nuffnang Glitterati event to go to (have you signed up?), and I want to watch Burlesque on that day if I can but I don't know who can go with me! And in between all this, I'm still trying to find a time to do my hair before CNY.

Gosh! Super packed. I need a break from work. Really can't wait for CNY!

On another note... my lecturer showed us this video in class yesterday. Interesting!

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