Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me Time


Sometimes I love to have some me-time to myself. Actually I love to shop alone. I don't really fancy waiting for someone else at a shop that doesn't interest me. Haha.

I also don't like to make someone wait for me while I do my nails or my hair. I just feel so obliged to make small talk if someone I know is sitting beside me, and I'd feel damn guilty if my friend feels bored! Sometimes I like to keep quiet and indulge in daydreaming, thinking of my own stuff.

And so, I had some me-time at bugis afew days ago!
Went to Essensuals, which is directly above burger king. It's so convenient and easy to find :D

That's Ginna cutting bangs for me.

I did some treatment afterwards and look at my lovely hair afterwards!
(Jacket is sponsored by I love it much much and it keeps me warm!)

I believe that constant treatments will make your hair shinier and smooth. My hair is so much more moisturised than before! Even my friends who haven't see me for a long time commented that my hair is so much nicer now.

Headed over to Milly's, which is just steps away. 2nd level of bugis street!

Did express manicure + nail art and classic pedicure. Love the two manicurists who did for me that day. They are so friendly and nice :D Didn't catch their names though.

Never tried this style before.

Guess my nails are on whose forehead?? ^^

Oh ya, my lovely feet! Pink with white stripes, so sweet!

LOL at my tiny baby toenail.

Go to to know more info regarding their services :D

Book your CNY appointment soon okay, don't regret that you are too slow when the appointment schedule is full! I booked mine already!!!! So excited hehehe.

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