Monday, January 17, 2011

Hangers Bar



Finally a new collection! It is also the first launch ever since they shifted to an e-commerce site. To remind you of what a joy it is to shop at the new Hangersbar, read: CLICK HERE

Let me show some of my favourite pieces from this collection!

Almost everything in this ensemble is from Hangersbar! The cute top, the comfy shorts, the belt, and the bag!
Besides the bag above, there are also many other bags in this collection that the owner of Hangersbar bought specially from overseas!

Did this unique red and blue blouse catch your attention? It's one of my favourite piece from this collection!

It also comes in this green & blue color that reminds me of lime sorbet. Haha.

This sheer black blouse is also pretty isn't it?
I took this lovely grey blouse home! The polkadots are too cute to resist and the material's so comfy!

For more, visit !
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