Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag

This post is sponsored by TianFenLan, the best blogshop to find affordable bags! :) This is my newest bag, and of course, also from TianFenLan.

1. Mints!
Since secondary school, I've been 'addicted' to mints... I've been taking more than 5 mints (sometimes more than 10) per day for the past 4 years.... Luckily, I always go for sugar-free. Artificial is not good too, but at least better than sugar right?

I don't really like normal sweet candies unless I have craving...

Mints are like water to me, when I can't find anywhere to get water (like in the cinema/in a long meeting without beverage, classroom, etc). It somehow feels as refreshing as ice water haha. And it really quenches thirst!!

I'm trying to get rid of this habit though. Sometimes I just love to bite and chew on these mints...

My favourite brand in the past is those flat mini clorets but supermarkets don't seem to store them anymore. Can only find them at occasional magazine shops.

After that I found Smint... Nice too! Can anyone tell me if the blue or white one mintier?

And then I found those round Halls... Square halls are not nice at all but they have a mini-balls version, very nice to roll about in the tongue!

Recently, I started liking these flag cases. I wish got Singapore flags but SX says that these are for some soccer league thingy so I guess there's no SG. Anyway, I don't know where these flags belonged to until I bought them.

2. Keys, my blackberry, and usb charger.

3. For meetings. Pen & Namecard holder. My notebook is in the office.
I saw a pink leopard print furry namecard holder the other day but I didn't buy!! :(:( Regretting it now. If I see it again I will buy!

4. Tissues... The Beautex were karma tissues... I seldom buy these cos there are numerous near my workplace every single day. If i give one, I feel obliged to buy from all. And if I buy one day, I feel obliged to buy every day... So I only buy them when I need, or when it's special occasions.

The orange packet is mine (it's pocket cover so that tissue wont drop out)... and the No Frills brand is for top up. I always buy the cheapest brand. Tissues are still tissues whether they cost $5 or $2.

5. What's in my Wallet:
Clockwise from top
- My wallet, a birthday present from Sabrina ^^
- My cute pink ezlink card!
- Lots of plasters for bad heels day
- Receipts
- Cash & Coins (I usually keep only $20 or below in my wallet cos that's sufficient. Anyway, I found some coins from my old wallet that day... Love surprise funds!)
- Watsons card which I lost and found back recently.
- A couple of namecards in case I forget to bring my namecard holder, Ritz Carlton room card, NTUC voucher, good chicken rice namecard (loy kee at balestier), spare stamps, ID, my cards and bf's ATM card.
- Some reminder notes

That's alot right!!!!

6. Misc
Ibanking device, panadols, daily contact lens, eye drops and olympus spare battery (thanks raine!)

7. Picture's abit blur, but these are the few basic makeup items I keep in my makeup pouch! Clockwise from top: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Brush, Eyeliner 2, Concealer, Lip balm, Lip stick, Foundation, Blusher, Eyelash case with glue inside, Spare eyelash.

8. Current book is this! Very interesting :D
Just finished reading it and is starting on another book now.

9. Oh ya, and my camera!!
I bring my Canon Ixus on usual days and use Olympus Ep-1 when I'm meeting friends or going to events :D

More pics of me and TianFenLan's lovely bag! Dress is from TheBlogShop.


Any suggestions for more [What is in my _____] entries??
Don't say wardrobe hor.... impossible to take photo of every single piece.

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