Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love the outfit I wore to Hangersbar shoot!

Theblogshop sponsored the whole thing. The sheer blouse, the shorts and the belt!

Seldom see me wearing this kind of outfit right?

This is one of my favourite pieces from Hangersbar too! I just love how simple and casual it is.

Was craving for the Char Kway Teow at Food Street throughout the shoot but alas, when we reached there the stall wasn't open :( SO SAD SO SAD.

Me and SX went to this random Dimsum shop in the end.

By the time these buns came, we were filled to the brim and couldn't really appreciate it.

Me loves hargao!! Me loves juicy prawns ^^

This pot of Sesame oil chicken is damn nice!!!!! Flavourful and salty enough, me likes!!

They also have frog congee all that but congee sold out!

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