Sunday, January 2, 2011

Farm Day


I remember when I was just a kid, my family would go on farm trips with two other family friends. 3 of our cars will trail behind each other as we visit one farm after another.

I loved going to the farms and it was all so fun.

It has been ages since we did that, and so... me and SX decided to head over on one of our offdays~

Lim Chu Kang is really like damn far away from my house and the farms are so deep in. The cab fare was shocking.

Me with only one side lashes and trying to put the other one on. Lol.

SX with this shirt again -_- Doesn't he ever get tired of seeing himself in this?

Our first stop... Hay Dairies!

Do you see the goats?

I hate how we could only watch them from the sides now. I remembered when I was a kid we could still go down the whole stretch and even feed them.

We went to buy the goat milk produced by this farm because SX wanted to try how it taste. It's $2 for a bottle.

SX said that he could taste the stench of goat in his throat long after he finished drinking. Lol. I think is his imagination.

Look at my standing hair!

We saw that Jurong frog farm was quite nearby thus we decided to walk towards it. BLUFF ONE!! It was freaking far. I think we walked for at least 30 mins. Or more.

I think that if you do not drive, DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT going to the farms here. You NEED a car.

We finally reached Jurong Frog Farm.

The walls are really cute with frog cartoons.

Was so tired after the long walk that we sat down to have icecream first.

There were big dogs around lor! Scary max! SX kept attracting them by calling out to them despite knowing how afraid I am. *angries*

Whenever I see this pool-of-frogs picture I hair stand!

Don't you feel they look disgusting??? I think I prefer the cooked version.

They also rear fishes.

The frogs are very lazy. They'll only eat our feed if they are like within centimetres near where we throw them.

We caught on the Kranji Countriside shuttle bus! $2 per trip. It passes by by selected farms at an interval of 1hr45min... So, having a car is still better. It's impossible to stay at a farm for that long amount of time.

We were the only people on the bus!

We stopped at Hausman. It's a fish farm.

I wanted to play the children fishing pond but SX say very embarassing, don't let me play :(

Walked down to a crocodile farm after double-checking to make sure that it is indeed within walking distance. Lol. After the walking from Hay Dairies to the frog farm, we very scared of walking already!

Alas, the farm was closed :(
I saw a dog inside the gate walking towards us, so I started to turn and walk away. I heard SX asking someone inside the gate: "You all close today ah? The owner not around issit?"

I turned back expecting to see him talking to a worker or something but I realised he was talking to the dog -.- LOL!! I even asked him in disbelief "you talking to the dog ah" and he replied "arberden, you got see anyone else meh".

While walking back SX kept singing songs to entertain me. Haha.

We visited a vegetable farm along the way. Got scarecrow one!

From what I know, this farm grows their vegetables differently. I didn't really pay attention haha.

Giant green peas!! LOL.

Spring onions~!

I don't know what are the tyres on top of the plants for...

Rested and SX bought Aloe Vera honey to drink. One of their best sellers I think.

It's quite nice luh, got those little bits of aloe to chew on. Good for skin! .

In order to show his love for the drink, he took the series of photos below. Hahaha.

15 mins before the estimated time arrival of the bus, we waited outside just in case we miss it. There was a stray dog that kept circling around us~! When I crossed the street to escape it, it followed me!! I keep wishing the bus come faster!

I refuse to sit down cos there were ants everywhere.

In the end a car offered to bring us out to Kranji. It was an old car with a big block of wood inside. I think the driver possibly works near there. We agreed and went up the car only to see that the bus arrived just as we got into the car. Tsk.

In the ride, all I could think of was what if this driver is a scammer? What if he kidnaps me and SX? What if he's driving us deep into the forest to his rundown house with many other accomplices?? I totally regretted taking up the ride.

But luckily, in the end he dropped us off near a food centre. However, after asking around, we realised that the place is quite far from the MRT station! We took a public bus afterwards..... sigh, should have just waited for the countryside bus which would bring us to the MRT station comfortably!

We went to have steamboat. Yum yum yum!!

Ending off this post with a picture of my sweaty bf!

For more info on the addresses of the farms, you may visit

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