Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gosh, I feel so excited about Chinese New Year. Finally a break from work and just dress up and play!

Omg, all the bakwa and yummy food!^^

Polkadotpigs is feeling the joy already too! That's why they have such a name for their new collection - beautiful harvest. Even the clothes in the collection are named "Love, Peace, Friendship, Cherish, Hope"!

This is their latest manufactured dress. I love it! I like the unique design very much, and I had a hard time deciding on which colour to get. I decided on pink in the end :D The cream coloured one is next on my list.

I'm sure this black top will look great in jeans too!

Also check out their self-manufactured flats! I'd be wearing heels to bai nian, but I'm sure many of you prefer to wear flats right? And what better than a classic looking flats to match every outfit?

Head over to now!


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