Friday, September 30, 2011

Just a blog entry to say.....

Just a blog entry to say.....

I'm BACK!!!

Crochet Top from TheBlogShop.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Top and bag from TheBlogShop

This is a super belated entry! This happened before Mid-autumn festival. Trying to clear all my backlogs this few days!

Was craving for the yummy western food near bf's house so we went over there for dinner after picking up the mooncakes we ordered :)

After the dinner we went to buy pomelos and after visiting his parents, he came over to my place to pass my family our mooncakes :)

Double yolk white lotus. Usually mooncakes are round and comes with square box. Paradise Inn did the opposite by making square mooncakes and packed them into round boxes. Haha. Love the packaging though! Mid-autumn festival is all about prettily packaged mooncakes isn't it? Lol.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Treated my sis to lunch at Artease! We went to the esplanade branch :)

Look at my sis' eager face haha.

Fish burger.

Chicken Burger. Was nice! And super full after it!

The fries were yummy! It had chilli flakes on it.

The set comes with fruits, chicken nuggets and salad too!

Went to take a few pictures after that for my ads :) It was raining in the picture below. Look at the dots on the floor!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Some behind the scenes pictures for my SMRT shoot!

After doing makeup and the stylist is curling my hair. Loved the side curl look she did for me!

The crew were all friendly and I had a fun time!

Meanwhile, Qiuqiu doing her hair too!

Checking out the photos :)

Will blog about the SMRT makan session soon! I had a great time with those people who came down to support. Thanks for joining me!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Long yellow maxi

By the time you see this entry, I'd be already in Genting! Damn shiok, one whole week on leave!!! ^_^

But don't worry, I scheduled regular entries before I left, so you can still come back and read new entries while I'm away.

Catch you all again when I'm back! :)

Lovely yellow maxi from Missqueenie. Isn't it sunshiney? :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Golden Mile

Had Thai food at Golden Mile quite awhile back. Why Thai tea always taste abit off de ar? Not like our usual tea at all. Are the tea leaves of a different species?

I love pandan chicken! But these are really expensive. $10 for 4 pieces!

Love this chicken dish! It was crispy and yummy, though the meat is really little.

Veggies~ This was the only non-spicy dish we had!

This fish!!!!!! Till today I am unable to forget the superb taste. It's lemon chilli fish I think. The fire below kept the fish warm and the gravy was heavenly. Really wanna go back and eat it again!

Super spicy tom yam soup.

With my sis while my parents were booking coach tickets for Genting. Yes! We are going there again! I bought a $2 per room deal online so we decided to go. In fact, I'm leaving on Monday! But not to worry, I have scheduled regular posts for the entire time I am away! When I'm back, it'll be my birthday party already. Those of you who were invited, remember to come :) Was so excited for this week for a long time, finally it's time!!!!!

One bad thing about making my pictures so big on my blog is that I have to airbrush my complexion in closeup pictures like the above! I'm obviously not good at it, that's why you all have not seen my self-camwhore pics for a long time! Just too lazy! Take far far pics better, like the one below! Haha.

We went Ikea to walk walk after booking our trip.

Outfit from TheBlogShop :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When your boyfriend calls you FAT.....

Me: Woah the wind so big I almost can fly
(I said that because I was wearing a big jacket and the wind was so strong that it was flapping behind me and my hands was in the pocket going along with the flap on purpose. Lol.)

BF: U don't bluff lor. U Fat where can fly.

*1 minute later*

BF: )^o^( You.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey everyone!

What are you doing this Saturday afternoon? Nothing? I have a suggestion for you!

Come join me for the SMRT makan session that I'm hosting! You get...
1. A Free Makan Session
2. An exclusive goodie bag
3. A meet and makan sharing session with ME!!!

Event Details
Date: 24th September 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 11.45am
Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Venue: CC3Esplanade Xchange (Esplanade Circle Line MRT Station)

Main: Fei Siong's Bak Chor Mee
Drink: Eskimo's Pudding Milk Tea
Dessert: Red Mango's Yogurt Muesli with choice of yogurt

I really want to meet my readers and this is a good chance for us to interact and also see how I am like in real life!

3 other bloggers Ladyironchef, Bongqiuqiu & Ieatishootipost will also be hosting other sessions next few months. It's gonna be fun and exciting! BUT, they so popular I'm sure alot of people support them one. SO I AM THE ONE WHO REALLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

To support, register at!

Looking forward to see you all!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don't wanna say goodbye to summer

Went to look for bf at work and we had tea-time together!

The ice-milk-tea had yummy icecream on top!

My grandpa, uncle and aunty went to see him too. Haha.

He went back to work and I joined the rest of my family. We went to Nex's roof garden! I've been there so many times but it's the first time I know that they have such a happening roof garden haha. So many kids at the water playground, doggy cafe and baby spa!

My sis and me.

Top, denim shorts and studded bag is from TheBlogShop, Bangle from either Bugis or Far East, Smiley & ribbon ring from Bugis, Belt ring from online spree, and floral wedges from Xquisis!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chick Lit

I usually read Chick-lit. If you are like me and would like some recommendations, do read my list. I've read so many similar stories and sometimes I mix them up so this list is gonna take some time to write.

The Devil Wears Prada
Last Night at Chateau Marmont
Everyone Worth Knowing
This 3 books are by Lauren Weisberger. The Devil Wears Prada was good. The other two are not so.

Dear John
The Notebook
The Wedding
3 books by Nicholas Sparks. Stopped reading after the 3rd one cos I didn't find the other titles interesting. Any to recommend? I don't want too cliche stories. I want one with a twist.

Of this 3, I liked "Dear John" the best. It is one of my favourite books. It's just so realistic and very very saddening. It makes my heart break thinking about John and his wasted years :(

The Wedding is actually a continuation of The Notebook, except that Noah is old-age already and the story is focused on his daughter and her husband.

Diary of a Married Call Girl
Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl
Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl
This 3 books are by Tracy Quan. I liked the way the stories are written and the story is quite unique. I bought Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl first, as that is the first book in the series and bought the other other 2 after reading it because I loved it. It was kinda embarrassing to read it in the MRT though, because of the revealing picture on the front cover. From what I know, there are only 3 books for this series. Hope Tracy releases the 4th one soon :)

Wedding Babylon - Confessions of a wedding planner
The book was interesting, however without a solid storyline. It describes a period of time of a wedding planner's life and it was engaging. However, nothing really happened from the start to the end of the book. But still, it's a good read.

A cup of comfort for Couples
Boring. I read halfway and decided not to continue anymore. Consist of many short stories, but most of the stories had no point it it. Just old couples relating their memories which isn't especially romantic nor story-worthy.

The Accidental Proposal
This book started out very unengaging but towards the middle it keeps you hooked because you so want to know what is actually happening. Not bad.

Kate's Wedding
I love this book about 2 different girls with happenings that lead up to their wedding day. It was eventful and a good easy read. I also liked the little story sectioned inside about the wedding gown shop owner and her little love story. I felt that the story is realistic and lets you in to the thoughts of different people.

Love is on the air
The female lead has been with her boyfriend for 6 years already but is not truly happy. The relationship seems to be in a rut. Nothing's going wrong but everything seems to be too comfortable and passionless. She meets a man that is supposingly "the-one" on a holiday and wonders if it's true love or just a wrong feel. Interesting.

Men I've loved before
Havent start reading yet.

The good, the bad, and the dumped.
Love this book about a lady who was proposed by her boyfriend who is steady and everything great but wonders what life would have been like if she had stayed with any of her exes. She went to track them down via facebook but ends up risking her current fiance. I felt that it is a very unique story. Should read!

One Day
Abit too "arty-farty" for me already. Halfway through the book and nothing much has happened. Stopped reading it.

Calling Romeo
Havent started reading.

The truth about you
Havent started reading.

The Wedding Planner
Just finished reading it. Started off quite dull but soon revealed many interesting twists and I was hooked! Many plots and it was engaging right till the end :) I like this book alot!

The Bride Stripped Bare
Erm, mildly interesting, but didn't leave a strong impact on me.

Some of the stories should totally be made into movie films! I can already imagine how it would be like. Wish I had lots of money so that I can produce it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two types of backstabbers

Top from TheBlogShop
Pants from TheBlogShop

Just some thoughts after chatting with a friend some time back.

It's saddening how gossip works. It is one thing to be backstabbed by a hypocrite friend who act all fine and accepting with you, and then turn around and exaggerates your flaws to other people. It's another thing to have a hypocrite friend who pretends to like you, and then CONJURES stories to other people.

The former, is very common. I see lots of people like that. I won't say that I'm not a hypocrite. I do act nice around people I do not like, only to avoid unnecessary trouble. Most of the time, I guess I just keep them at arms length and still be polite as long as I'm not provoked. What's the point of creating drama when the other party has done nothing to directly hurt you right?

I'm not all angel. I do get irritated at friends and voice it out to other friends. But very seldom and it only happens when I'm triggered and angry. I do join in gossip sessions and put in a pinch of my opinions... Like any other normal person do. BUT, I only say the truth. If I strongly feel that someone is bitching untrue things about a particular person, I'd speak up for this person. But usually I only gossip with closer friends. I don't trust that other people would keep the 'discussion' in the circle. I pride myself to always keep secrets for other people. I mean, what's the point of leaking out secrets? She will eventually find out if you are the only one she spoke to, right? That being said, I seldom tell my own secrets to other people.

If you ever suspect that I backstabbed you, do confront and ask me. If I did talk bad about you, I'd say yes I did. I'd rather you clear things up with me than continue to think that I did when I actually did not.

This kind of gossip is still fine... Wait till you read the next part.

The other kind of backstabbers. The kind that spin tales out of air. Wah, this kind power. You can be super nice, sincere and flawless but this person can just anyhow create a story and spread it. Then boom, your image is down the drain - FOR NOTHING. You cannot control nor protect yourself from this kind of people and it's best for you to stay insignificant in this person's eyes. Isn't it terrifying? There are lots of people in this world that I'd rather not have been acquainted with; But how would you know until you already know the person?

Also, this is the reason why I try not to get myself influenced by gossips told to me by other people. I always think it'll be more fair if I get to know the person myself and judge base on my own experience. If you are prejudiced against someone, no matter how nice she is, you'll think negatively of her. Remember this. Be fair to everyone you meet. Start from zero and plus minus from there.

Love Vs Like

Many people think that Love is an advance level of Like.
Many guys like to tease and say that "I don't like you. I love you." like it's a good thing.

But I think that Love & Like are two very different things.

Love, is the feeling for someone, the immense care, without necessarily a reason.
Like, is being fond of a person's traits.

It is possible for a person to love someone while disliking her. For example, she might be a nasty girl but he still feels strongly about her (maybe because she is his wife or daughter) although he dislikes/disagrees with her character and not necessarily like her as a person.

It is also possible for a person to love someone while liking her. In this case, he loves her while also admiring her personality and likes her as a person. This is the perfect situation.

Always find a man who feels a strong liking for your character and not just a whirlwind-romance-fastheartbeat-exciting-love-without-any-reason because I think that love without enough substance to hold it together may fade over time. If he likes you and your qualities, the love would be stronger and less likely to vanish easily.

Just my opinion, because I've seen many men who love but resents their wife. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going Demure

Not something I would usually wear out.... Love the pearls on the shoulder!

Top is from MissQueenie and pants from TheBlogShop.

When I was still a young teenage girl, I see those office girls dressing up in office clothings and thought that when I grow up, I'll eventually dress that way too.

Years passed, I graduated and I have been working in offices for more than a year. Perhaps the industry I've been dabbling in always revolved around entertainment and design, so my office dresscode had never been strict. I still wear mini dresses, bright colors or slippers to work.

I don't think I can ever be comfortable in business suits, black knee-length skirts, plain black covered pumps and collared button down blouses. So boring! I don't even wear pants usually... Haha. Something is just so troublesome about wearing them (the part where you have to put in your legs further), as compared to shorts.

I wonder when I would transform into a real adult, stop wearing these sunny dresses and start wearing womanly ones.. Haha.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011




New collection just launched yesterday!!
As usual, many lovely inspired pieces!

First up, Zara Inspired Two Tone Skirt!

Comes in many different colors... like:
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There is a side zip, made of quality gabardine, fully lined very comfortable & fuss free to wear.

This super gorgeous piece is certainly a must have! Can you believe it? You can get this at only 1 for $26.00 ♥ 2 for $51.00 ♥ 3 for $75.00! Zara is retailing it at $99.90. You can totally buy FOUR of it at Jasmoda!!!

Next up, Chanel inspired button blouse!
A classic elegant piece suitable for work, dinners and dates!
Featuring a contrast color and front functional buttons.
Made of quality silk spun, very comfortable & fuss free to wear. Comes in Cream & Black!

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Crazy over flowers

New lovely nails done at Millys! So nice right?!!!! Done by Tina... Go look for her she's super friendly and I think she's quite pretty too ^^

Polkadot with floral toes done by another manicurist I like too, but I can never remember her name!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boon Tong Kee for the first time!

After a movie at Balestier, we went to try Boon Tong Kee, the large chicken rice chain in Singapore! I've never tried them before.

I love eating spinach with egg cooked like this cos the gravy is so yummy. But I don't eat century egg.

I like the chicken! But then again, I like most chicken rice chicken~

Most important part to chicken rice is the rice! But their rice not that good lei :(

Salted mince meat.

Wasn't feeling too well that night and didn't had much appetite. Too bad!