Saturday, September 24, 2011

Golden Mile

Had Thai food at Golden Mile quite awhile back. Why Thai tea always taste abit off de ar? Not like our usual tea at all. Are the tea leaves of a different species?

I love pandan chicken! But these are really expensive. $10 for 4 pieces!

Love this chicken dish! It was crispy and yummy, though the meat is really little.

Veggies~ This was the only non-spicy dish we had!

This fish!!!!!! Till today I am unable to forget the superb taste. It's lemon chilli fish I think. The fire below kept the fish warm and the gravy was heavenly. Really wanna go back and eat it again!

Super spicy tom yam soup.

With my sis while my parents were booking coach tickets for Genting. Yes! We are going there again! I bought a $2 per room deal online so we decided to go. In fact, I'm leaving on Monday! But not to worry, I have scheduled regular posts for the entire time I am away! When I'm back, it'll be my birthday party already. Those of you who were invited, remember to come :) Was so excited for this week for a long time, finally it's time!!!!!

One bad thing about making my pictures so big on my blog is that I have to airbrush my complexion in closeup pictures like the above! I'm obviously not good at it, that's why you all have not seen my self-camwhore pics for a long time! Just too lazy! Take far far pics better, like the one below! Haha.

We went Ikea to walk walk after booking our trip.

Outfit from TheBlogShop :)

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