Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Garden Korean BBQ & Dessert Story

Met up with the girls after a long time and we wanted korean food so Nadia suggested to try this place called Blue Garden Korean BBQ at Link Hotel!Since we all have not been there before, we went!

Outfit of the day:
Light green polkadot dress (MissQueenie) with cardigan (theblogshop) and belt!

I felt that there weren't enough choices for bbq meat... Didn't see fish and sotong. No prawns and crabs too if I didn't remember wrongly.

There was cooked korean food though.

And veggie choices.... not for me though :x I'm a supa meat eater haha.

Lots of the korean side dishes.... Not sure how they tasted because I didn't try..

Nad & Fidel!

Me & Jacelyn!

In my opinion, the marinated meat were so-so only though. But if you are interested, here's some information!

Link Hotel
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168733

Blue Garden Korean BBQ
Tel: 6224 0760

Fidelis drove us to Tiong Bahru mall for desserts afterwards! First time in her car hehe. I love munching on chunky mango fruit! ^^ It was near closing time but luckily we managed to order!

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